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The principle of the
sacred has also —
and not at all rightly —
been lost.

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The New Cultural Circumstance

from "The Dogmas of Social Morality Versus
The Esoteric Spiritual Teaching That Is
At The Origin of Traditional Religions"
Section 1; from Part Two of The Aletheon
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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The rise of new political idealisms is coinciding with the new cultural circumstance, and not only is all of this dominant in the West but it is, likewise, dominant all over the Earth — which is now everywhere "Westernized", both East and West.

This change in the orientation of the mind of humankind has gradually been developing since the Renaissance era in Western (European) culture.

The conventions of human orientation began to change in the period of the Western Renaissance — from a sacred orientation to an orientation to the human individual, from Deity-centeredness to ego-centeredness, from ecstasy and sainthood to "Narcissism" and ego-possession, from sacred culture to secular culture, from a dominantly right-brained culture to a now dominantly left-brained culture.

As this transformation has occurred in the "world", the ancient cultural supports have lost their legitimacy. This does not mean that the ancient exoteric "religious" cultural supports did not have anything to do with what is right. Those exoteric "religious" supports were, in a rudimentary (and Reality-"objectifying") sense, based upon the general (and, in principle, right and positive) intention to make life sacred.

It is simply that the ancient exoteric modes of the "objectification" of Reality have ( themselves) now — and rightly — lost their legitimacy in people's minds. However, as a result of that change of mind, the principle of the sacred (or of the understanding and managing of life based upon the intrinsic Truth of universal prior unity) has also — and not at all rightly — been lost.

A way of thinking that had only secondary importance in the ancient "world" has now become dominant. Human-centeredness has become the acceptable convention of mind. Human "knowing" is now devoted to analytical reductionism, or the process of reducing everything to the individual human being, to human processes, to humankind in the lowest, most rudimentary — or material — sense.

Many social and cultural enterprises remain valuable, with the potential to improve the condition of humanity, yet a profoundly destructive (materialistic, analytical, disunitary, and anti-sacral) philosophical enterprise is also operative at the same time. It is this latter development that I Criticize.

Science as a conditional "method" of enquiry, as an effective practical "method" of investigation for the sake of acquiring natural "knowledge" (and subsequent power to control natural conditions of existence), is, obviously, legitimate.

Yet, science, from the beginning, has also (and otherwise) been associated with the ego-centered orientation (and, thus, with the fixed "point of view" perspective) and, altogether, with the ancient (conventional and naive) philosophy of materialism — and it has, on that basis, also been associated with the arising of co-emerging political movements.

Present-day humankind is being both culturally and politically controlled — not only by science itself (which has an inherent, but also inherently limited, legitimacy), but also by the philosophy of materialism (which is inherently ignorant, gross, merely analytical, de-constructive, reductionistic, exclusivistic, and naively oppressive).

And, as science and the philosophy of materialism progressively exclude all other forms of "knowing", human beings are becoming more and more dominated by political materialism — or the forces that are keeping order independent of sacred (or unitive) consciousness and authority.

This is not to say that the cultural means whereby order was kept in the past were entirely benign. Exoteric "religious authority" is not necessarily (or even characteristically) associated with anything that has remotely to do with the Truth, or with Reality Itself, or with Divine Self-Realization, or even with the transcending of egoity.



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