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False Religion and
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False Religion and
True Spiritual Practice

The Aletheon is not merely a Book of Teachings. Yes, It is Teachings, but It is a Self-Revelation of My Own Person and State. So The Aletheon is of Me, As Me, about Me — and Is Me.

— His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj

To make His Self-Revelation of Reality-Truth perfectly clear, Avatar Adi Da has exquisitely organized and masterfully presented His arguments and instructions in a manner that draws the reader into full participation in His Aletheon-Communication.

Examining His Text in seven segments (corresponding to the numbered volumes of the multi-volume edition of The Aletheon), we will delve into the function of each segment in light of the whole book, and also choose key essays within each section to study in more detail.

This article focuses on the structure and highlights from Parts Two through Five — in which Avatar Adi Da creates a "doorway" into His Fullest Revelation of Truth.

Organization of The Aletheon

In the preliminary sections (Prologue and Part One), Avatar Adi Da discloses Who He Is and establishes His purpose, speaking as Reality Itself. He then begins Part Two, "First Things First", by stating the essential paradigms for understanding the limits of exoteric religion and illuminating what is false about conventional God-ideas.

Having described the limitations of conventional religious thinking, Avatar Adi Da explains in Part Three — in a collection of powerful essays — why devotion to the Spiritual Master is the foundation of all true Spiritual practice.

In Part Four, Avatar Adi Da describes His schema of the seven stages of life — which schema provides a means to understand all the traditions of religion and Spirituality in the context of His unique seventh stage Revelation. This is followed by His clarifying explanation of "Alpha" and "Omega" — the cultural paradigms of East and West — in Part Five.

Parts Two through Five of The Aletheon, then, are a necessary prelude and preparation for Avatar Adi Da's Fullest Gift, offered in the succeeding parts of His Aletheon: the Revelation of His Divinely Enlightened Condition, His Divine Avataric Purpose, and His Eternal Presence — as well as His summary of the Transcendental Spiritual practice He offers to all who are moved to embrace the formal relationship to Him.

Two Key Essays

Two key arguments presented by Avatar Adi Da in the early parts of The Aletheon can be summarized as follows:

  1. Your cultural inheritance — which prevents real participation in Reality Itself — must be understood and transcended.
  2. Devotion to the Awakened Master is the anciently known means of Divine Enlightenment.

We have selected two key essays, which epitomize this Instruction for further study: " The Dogmas of Social Morality Versus The Esoteric Spiritual Teaching That Is At The Origin of Traditional Religions" from Part Two, and " The Great Esoteric Tradition of Devotion To The Adept-Realizer", from Part Three.

"The Dogmas of Social Morality Versus The Esoteric Spiritual
Teaching That Is At The Origin of Traditional Religions"

Among the powerful essays in Part Two is "The Dogmas of Social Morality Versus The Esoteric Spiritual Teaching That Is At The Origin of Traditional Religions", an excerpt of which is included here .

In this essay, Avatar Adi Da has provided a deeply instructive and accessible explanation of Christianity's evolution from its origins as an esoteric Spiritual sect to its world-influence as an exoteric state religion.

Avatar Adi Da makes clear that individuals throughout the world, no matter what their particular religious background, have been influenced by the New Testament, interpreted as an exoteric social gospel.

But the true gospel of the New Testament, Avatar Adi Da reveals, is Jesus of Galilee's secret esoteric teaching of the Kingdom of God as a "Spiritual Mystery".

The fundamental principle underlying the "New Testament" tradition is an esoteric principle. That principle is the always-present transcending of conditional "self" and conditional "world" via ego-surrendering Spiritual Communion with the Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself.

Most of the institutional overlay of communication in the "New Testament" is exoteric — socially oriented toward the "world" of public laws, the "world" of ordinary purposive action, and the "world" of commonplace relations.

Yet, if you examine the gospel stories, you will find evidence, here and there, of the underlying esotericism that is the "root"-teaching of Jesus of Galilee.

— His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da further explains that modern Western culture has rejected exoteric religion in favor of political and scientific materialism, which further suppresses the truly sacred, and creates chaos by removing the basis for present-day conventional morality and social and behavioral norms that have traditionally kept order in society.

Following His "radical" criticism of human egoic life and what is false about conventional religion, Avatar Adi Da Reveals the foundation of all true esotericism and Spirituality, which is devotion to the Spiritual Master.

"The Great Esoteric Tradition of Devotion to the Adept-Realizer"

In the classic essay "The Great Esoteric Tradition of Devotion to the Adept-Realizer", excerpted here , Avatar Adi Da masterfully argues for the fundamental significance of the time-honored Guru-Function — or devotional Communion with the Adept-Realizer — as the Great Means for Realizing Real (Acausal) God. Adepts operate on the basis of Supreme Attraction as the alternative to the method of self-effort.

You become (or duplicate the qualities of) whatever you meditate on (or whatever you identify with via the "surrender" that is attention itself). Since the most ancient days, this understanding has informed and inspired the practice of real practitioners of the Spiritual Way.

Likewise (since the most ancient days) and on the basis of this very understanding, Spiritual practitioners have affirmed that the Great Principle of Spiritual practice is the Spiritual surrender to the bodily Person, the Transmitted Spiritual Presence, and the Realized State of a Spiritually Realized Adept (or True Guru) of whatever degree or stage.

— His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da concludes by pointing out that the necessity for the devotional relationship to the Adept-Realizer is only in question by those who are not yet ready and willing to enter into the process of the esoteric stages of life.

In the following pages, we invite you to immerse yourself in Avatar Adi Da's Liberating Instruction with excerpts from these two essays.



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