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The Aletheon - "I Am Your Unique Advantage"


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“I Am Your Unique Advantage” is a key essay in Part Eight of The Aletheon. In this essay, Avatar Adi Da affirms the great law: “You become what you meditate on.” This law describes how Adi Da becomes the unique Advantage of His devotees: Those who feel the inherent heart-attraction to Avatar Adi Da’s Divine State are thereby spontaneously moved to meditate on Him (or, in other words, to commune with Him) and to thereby “become” (or participate in) His Divine State.

Because Avatar Adi Da is the direct Revelation of the “Bright” Divine Reality—prior to any illusion of separateness—communion with Him is direct communion with That Divine Reality. In other words, Avatar Adi Da offers to everyone the opportunity to “meditate on” (and thereby “become”) the Divine Reality He Transmits and Is.

This means that the Way Avatar Adi Da offers is not a process of ego-driven search or effort. It is a relationship, based on heart-attraction. And the attraction-based devotional communion with Avatar Adi Da’s Divine “Bright” State is the only necessary qualification.

In every moment, simply be Attracted to Me, and let the body-mind-complex (as a whole) be purified, transformed, and (altogether) Divinely Self-Awakened and Divinely Translated by My Divine Avataric Self-Transmission of My Divinely Self-“Bright” State.

Such is The Fundamental Principle of the devotional (and, in due course, Transcendental Spiritual) relationship to Me.

Such is The Fundamental Principle of The only-by-Me Revealed and Given “Radical” (or Always “At-The-Root”) Reality-Way of Adidam (or Adidam Ruchiradam).

Because of That Principle, I Am your Unique Advantage.

—His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da

“I Am Your Unique Advantage”, from The Aletheon



As Avatar Adi Da explains in this essay, the essence of this practice in His Company is the same essence that was the basis of every path and way practiced by all devotees of Realizers, since ancient times. That essence is devotional self-surrender to the Realizer, and, thereby, participation in the Realizer’s State. Because of the entirely unique nature of Adi Da’s Heart-Blessing and Divine State, the Advantage He represents is, therefore, unique in the history of humankind.

Listen to an audio segment from “Use Your Unique Advantage”, the original talk from October 1985 from which Avatar Adi Da created this Aletheon essay.

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Avatar Adi Da placed “I Am Your Unique Advantage” in Part Eight of The Aletheon, which He titled, “Radical Transcendentalism”. This title is a useful guide in understanding Adi Da’s communication in “I Am Your Unique Advantage”.

“Transcendental” literally means “That Which is Beyond”. Therefore, with this word, Adi Da is referring to the Reality that Exists Beyond (or Prior to) all experience—whether physical, emotional, mental, psychic, mystical, or even the core-sense of existing as a separate “self”. “Radical” literally means “root” or “fundamental”—in contrast to peripheral, or superficial, or conditional.

Thus, with the phrase “Radical Transcendentalism”, Avatar Adi Da is indicating the fundamental (or “root”) process by which the Reality that is Beyond the separate “self” is discovered and Realized. This process is not a seeking effort or technique of the separate “self”—rather it occurs in the domain that is prior to the activity of separateness (which is why it is “radical”). Such is the nature of the devotional relationship to Avatar Adi Da. When the heart recognizes and responds to Avatar Adi Da’s “Bright” Divine State, the separate “self” is forgotten and the Transcendental Reality is discovered, by Grace and not by effort.



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