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The Aletheon is a fathomless gift to the world — immense in both its scope and profundity. We encourage all our readers to join us in an ongoing exploration of the book to allow its brilliance and depth to penetrate the heart and to help each of us make full use of the Truth that flows from its pages.

To welcome everyone into ongoing study of The Aletheon and connect people with its rich and infinite Blessings, the Adidam Revelation online Magazine team is inaugurating a new department.

Through the entries in The Truth Book, we intend to honor and celebrate Avatar Adi Da's "Texted Gift" and guide an unfolding exploration of The Aletheon for anyone moved to discover its beauty, profundity, and Spiritual potency.

Together, we will examine the book cover-to-cover, to receive Avatar Adi Da's profound Communication and to consider the wise and revealing logic of its organization.

The Truth Book department will include:

  • New articles every few months to explore the book's content, structure, and organization.
  • Media presentations by Jonathan Condit, drawing us into the profundity of the text.
  • Links to From the Editor, featuring stories by the editors of their labor of love in serving Avatar Adi Da's creation of this masterpiece and the process of bringing the completed Work into the world.
  • Links to essays published in earlier works that now appear in The Aletheon.
  • Discussion of preliminary books, whose text is now also included in The Aletheon.
  • News of anticipated Adidam Academy courses focused on The Aletheon, retreats organized around its study, and other ways to immerse ourselves in this immense gift.

We look forward to the wonderful process of combining more deeply with Avatar Adi Da's Word in The Aletheon, and providing ways for everyone to receive its gifts, now and into the future.

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Aletheon 8 Vol The Aletheon
by His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da

The Table of Contents (a printable PDF document)
Avatar Adi Da's supreme Scripture is a book of oceanic depth and magnitude. The stunning eight-volume edition is recommended for ease of study, and includes an attractive slipcover and dustjacket

Eight-volume edition - softbound

Aletheon 1 Vol

This final and greatest Instruction by Avatar Adi Da spans over 2300 pages.
The single volume edition includes an attractive slipcover.

Single-volume edition - hardbound

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