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Indigo Swan

"The Completion of the Final Writings"
from The Eternal One
by Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani
(Note: The Eternal One will be available December 2009)

The last days on Earth of Beloved Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj were moved by several profundities of intention.

First of all, He had been working intensively on The Aletheon for two years, such that it had become His essential Root-Text, His most perfect and complete Revelation of Truth as Reality Itself.

Every day, in His place of writing, Indigo Swan (an exquisite small room right by the water near His residence at the Matrix), He would add to The Aletheon.

While Bhagavan was always urgent to have this immense text published, it never seemed to come to an end. He was always Giving more. Then, on November 19, 2008, Bhagavan said He had a bodily sense that His work on The Aletheon was done. . . .

After that day, Bhagavan did not work on The Aletheon again — except that, on the morning of His Divine Mahasamadhi, He finalized the wording of the title page in His own hand.

After finalizing the title page on the morning of November 27, 2008, Bhagavan Adi Da spoke briefly about The Aletheon and its significance:

The Aletheon should not be reduced to being merely a Book of Teachings, abstracted from Me as Teachings. Yes, It is Teachings, but It is a Self-Revelation of My Own Person and State. So It is of Me, As Me, about Me — and Is Me.

That is the Nature of This Text. It is a Unique Holy Book, and It is not merely Teachings. It cannot be abstracted from Me. So It is My Divine Avataric Self-Revelation.

— His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj
November 27, 2008



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