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Excerpts from The Eternal One

by Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani
(Note: The Eternal One will be available December 2009)

Bhagavan Adi Da's final Work in His Divine Body was based on the relinquishment of all forms of His previous Self-Submission.

Thus, Bhagavan — in the Manifestation of His own Person, and also in the Revelation-Word of The Aletheon (which was a direct Expression of His Person) — always Demonstrated Perfect Divine Indifference in relationship to all conditional possibilities. And He maintained that Stance with absolute integrity.

As Bhagavan writes in the essay "My Final Work Is Me — Alone" (from The Aletheon):

I have Spontaneously Retired into My Own (Always Prior, Native, egoless, Perfect, and Supremely Free) Disposition — without My originally Self-Presumed Teaching Obligations, and without My active First Impulse to Be Self-Revealed by Means of Self-Submission.

Thus, the Eternal Divine Person Revealed that, in His Native Disposition, He was Inherently Free, not merely conditionally free. And such was the nature of Bhagavan's final Work in His Divine Avataric-Incarnation-Body.

In the first three years of His Life, Bhagavan lived Free of any requirement for Self-Submission to the conditional worlds — and, in the last three years, Bhagavan once again lived that same Native State of Pure Divine Freedom.

Bhagavan indicated that His writings in The Aletheon are His purest Self-Revelation — and, therefore, those writings are His final Revelation of Truth. Just so, everything about Bhagavan's Life and His Revelation-History (or Leela) is to be measured against the final three years of His Life, when He Revealed Himself — As He Is — most Purely and Freely, without any requirement for Self-Submission to egos and their presumed world.

By the time of these last years, Bhagavan's Divine Avataric Work of Revealing, through His own Self-Submission, the nature of human existence and the Divine Way of Realization had been completed.

The final three years previous to His Passing from His physical Body were unlike any of His other years on Earth. His Intent to Break the universal pattern of egoity and Establish the capacity for the egoless Awakening to Reality Itself was His only Work. And His final writings include the Revelation that His Divine Person had succeeded in this ultimately consequential Breakthrough in human (and cosmic) history.

There is great evidence of Bhagavan's Divine Pattern to be discovered in the last three years of His Life on Earth. The Signs Revealed in these years are most precious and will guide the lives of devotees in all future generations.

The ultimate measure of His supreme Divine Life is hidden in these years, and coincident with these years of His Life was His writing of The Aletheon which, as Bhagavan said, is the purest, utterly uncompromised Divine Self-Revelation.

The Aletheon Is His Very Divine Form. The Purity of His Revelation of Divinity in His last two years Worked to prepare His devotees, such that He could relinquish His mortal Form, Revealing His Eternal "Bright" Form Always Already Standing and Shining Free in all worlds and in the heart of all beings.

an excerpt from
The Eternal One


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