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I Am Your Unique AdvantageI Am Your Unique Advantage audio (video)
August 2013

This third article in the "Truth Book" series focuses on a key essay in Part Eight of The Aletheon: "I Am Your Unique Advantage". Includes an audio clip from the original 1985 talk from which Adi Da created this essay.

Icon True SpiritualFalse Religion and True Spiritual Practice video (video)
May 2010

Enter into the remarkable text of The Aletheon via two essays that offer Avatar Adi Da’s profound instruction on the errors of false religion and the necessity for devotion to the Spiritual Master.

AletheonThe Aletheon - an introductory presentation video (video)
November 2009

The Revelation Magazine begins to celebrate the publication of Avatar Adi Da's final, pristine Revelation-text, The Aletheon, with excerpts from the text and commentary on its creation — including a video presentation by Avatar Adi Da's senior editorial assistant and extraordinary footage of Avatar Adi Da working on The Aletheon.

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