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The Gift of Study
— Part 5


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The Spiritual Nature of
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da's Writing

"It has been My Intention to make books of My Word so profound that the mere reading of them could convert any being on earth (or anywhere else) from the egoic life of 'self'-possession, mortality, and darkness to the life of Divine Love-Bliss, without requiring the slightest qualification in the case of any being that moves or is.

"I am not apart or separate. Nor are you. This secret is in My Books, and not a fraction of what is required for your Realization of Me has been denied to you. Nor will it ever be. Thus, My Books go to all with My Blessing."

— Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da has transformed the English language into a vehicle for the precise communication of His Divine Realization.

Therefore, it is important and useful to become sensitive to the purpose and meaning of every aspect of His Writing, including capitalization, punctuation, vocabulary, and repetition:

Capitalization: Avatar Adi Da frequently capitalizes words that are not ordinarily capitalized, in order to indicate that the word refers (either inherently or by virtue of the context) to the Unconditional Divine Reality, rather than the conditional (or worldly) reality.

As you read Avatar Adi Da's Word, your sensitivity to this distinction will naturally increase and you can thereby better receive and understand His Communication.

Punctuation: Avatar Adi Da uses punctuation in a uniquely precise manner that conforms to the exact intention of His Communication.

By paying close attention to the entire Communication, including the punctuation, you may receive Avatar Adi Da's Word without ambiguity, vagueness, or misunderstanding.

Vocabulary: Avatar Adi Da uses Sanskrit terminology in His Teaching vocabulary whenever the English language does not support His exact intention and meaning.

When you take time to understand the Sanskrit terms that Avatar Adi Da uses, the precise meaning of Avatar Adi Da's Communication becomes available to you.

Repetition: As you read Avatar Adi Da's Reality-Teaching, you will discover that certain phrases are repeated frequently within an essay, and that entire essays or talks appear in more than one book.

These repetitions contain mantric force, through which Avatar Adi Da addresses the being at a profound depth. Therefore, a potent Communication is made available when you approach Avatar Adi Da's Word with this understanding and sensitivity.

May you be drawn into this Mysterious and ecstatic process of direct relationship to the Divine Reality in Person, Avatar Adi Da Samraj, through His Written and Spoken Word.

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