Avatar Adi Da Samraj

His Divine Presence,
Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

His Divine Presence,
Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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The Gift of Study
— Part 3


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"The Eternal Conversation"

Avatar Adi Da Samraj Reveals that His Reality-Teaching is a Living Conversation that He is having at all times with every being, at Heart. In every moment that you give your feeling and attention to Avatar Adi Da through study of His Divine Revelation-Word, you are engaged in a passionate and living conversation with Him.

When study of Avatar Adi Da's Reality-Teaching is engaged in this manner, different meanings emerge at different times — always appropriate to the current moment in your life and experience. Avatar Adi Da describes this principle in His essay "The Forever-Spoken Word of Reality Itself", from The Aletheon.

The "Source-Texts" of My Direct Self-Utterance are the Always-Living Word of Reality Itself, now (and forever hereafter) Spoken by Me to absolutely every one, and all, and All.

The "Source-Texts" of My Divine Avataric Word always Communicate Reality Itself in-present-time.

The "Source-Texts" of My Divine Avataric Word are the Perpetual and (now, and forever hereafter) Always Direct and Non-mediated Self-Utterance of My Real Person — As I Am.

The "Source-Texts" of My Divine Avataric Word are Addressed (by Me) directly to every particular individual — personally, but, also, in and As Reality Itself (and, Thus, Eternally Prior to the ego-"I"). Such is the Uniqueness of the Forever-Spoken Word of Reality Itself.

No matter how many times you read (or listen to) My Divine Avataric Word, every time you read It (or listen to It) you will "experience" unique and distinct responses, unique and distinct "subjective" activity, and a distinctly unique circumstance altogether.

Nevertheless, the reason that My Divine Avataric Word is (in Reality) new every time you approach It is not simply that you are always going through changes. Rather, the reason My Divine Avataric Word is always new (and Always Now) is that It Is the Direct Self-Utterance of Reality Itself — Which Is Always Already Prior to time, space, "location", "point of view", and ego-"I".

The conventions of everyday speech and writing are based on a social convention that is, in Reality Itself, untrue. The "I" of the presumed separate and independent "self" is an illusory (or, in Reality Itself, non-existing) and abstract (and, thus, universal, and inherently non-personal) identity, by which (as a device for social "dramatization", or relational reference) all common spoken and written language is proposed. My Divine Avataric Word is not spoken or communicated from — or, Ultimately, even to — the egoic "point of view"....

My Divine Avataric Word is, primarily, a Spoken Message. However, That Message is not Spoken by an ego-"I" — nor is That Message Spoken (either originally or, forever hereafter, in any then-present-time moment) within a mere social context, or as an address to any mere "social ego".

Written language is, basically, a representation (or a picture) of spoken language. Therefore, My Divine Avataric Word is (in Its Written form) a visual Representation (or always Now-Spoken Textual Sign) That Extends (or Self-Radiates) My egoless Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State — Which Is the egoless Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of all-and-All.

I Spontaneously Uttered the "Picture" that is My every "Source-Text" of Divine Avataric Word — each of Which is a by-Me-Given Means Whereby I Speak from and As the Reality-Position That Is Prior to egoity, Prior to the body-mind-complex, Prior to conditional existence, and Prior to time and space.

Therefore, My Written Word Is the Speech (or Direct Self-Presentation) of Intrinsically egoless (and Self-Evidently Divine) Transcendental Spiritual Conscious Light Itself — the Most Perfectly Self-Awakened (and Self-Evidently Divine) Self-Consciousness, the Heart-Word of Reality (Itself), Which Is the by-Me-Avatarically-Self-Transmitted Inherent (and Tacit) Self-Apprehension of Being (Itself)....

To read (or listen to) and understand My Divine Avataric Word is to be Acausally Released from having to exercise the egoic vision and its separate and separative "point of view".

Therefore, read, and listen to, and recite, and feel (rather than merely think) the Words of My Divine Avataric Message.

The big and small letters of My Texted Gift always interrupt the common flow of mind, and Signal the Heart of "you" that this moment Is The Necessary Instant of Self-Awakening — to Be As "you" Are.

My Divine Avataric Word is a Form of My Divine Agency — an Extension of Myself, a Means Whereby I Bless all-and-All.

My Divine Avataric Word is not independent of Me.

My Divine Avataric Word is not a "substitute" for Me.

Therefore, as you read (or listen to) My Divine Avataric Word, do not abstract yourself from Me.

Do not approach My Divine Avataric Word as if It were a "something" in and of Itself, separate from Me.

Do not make My Divine Avataric Word into a "substitute" for Me.

Always use My Divine Avataric Word rightly — as a (by-Me-Given) Means to turn to Me.

Only by turning to Me, and not merely to My "explanations" in mind, can anyone receive the Divine Avataric Gifts I Offer to all-and-All by Means of My all-and-All-"Brightening" Word of Heart.

By turning all the faculties of the whole body to Me, My true devotee tacitly "Locates" Me — and (in that ego-transcending devotional turning, and entirely by Means of My Avataric Self-Transmission of Divine "Bright" Transcendental Spiritual Grace) My true devotee will (in due course) be (whole bodily) Transcendentally Spiritually Pervaded by Me, and will (Thus and Thereby, in the perpetual circumstance of turned-to-Me devotion) Realize Perfect Non-separateness from Me.

— Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj


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