Avatar Adi Da Samraj

His Divine Presence,
Adi Da Samraj

Sacred Study

The Gift of Study
— Part 2


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A Sacred World-Teaching
Based on Relationship

Study Is a Relationship, Not a Technique

His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj invites everyone to engage study of His Reality-Teaching as a form of meditation — a gift that enables the immediate and always available resort to Avatar Adi Da's Divine Grace.

This is possible when study of Avatar Adi Da's Word is engaged as a personal and direct relationship with Him.

In the study of Sacred Teaching, fundamentally you are not called to examine an "objective" piece of literature. You are called to listen to a Subjective Voice, and what you must "defeat" (if you like), or overcome, or transcend, is your egoic "self".

Therefore, your approach to sacred literature is quite a different matter than your approach to some "objective" piece of literature from an academic "point of view".

— Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

As Avatar Adi Da has pointed out, the aspirant's approach to His Reality-Teaching is not about indiscriminate belief and hopefulness.

Study serves the purification of the mind, enabling you to grow in "self"-understanding, discrimination, and devotional recognition and response.

As Avatar Adi Da explains, study should equip you with the "arms" required to distinguish between Truth and the ordinary destinies of egoity.

Avatar Adi Da's Teaching Is for Everyone

Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj is the Divine Avataric Master, here to Liberate everyone. His Transcendental Spiritual Blessing is available to and usable by all beings alive in this world and even in all worlds.

His Reality-Teaching is likewise a world-Teaching. There is no social, cultural, karmic, political, or Spiritual limit in His Instruction.

His Instruction and His Arguments apply to everyone, regardless of their cultural origins, because He Addresses the fundamental and universal activity of separation and separativeness that characterizes every being.

Moreover, Avatar Adi Da's Teaching-Argument is addressed to the world-culture and not merely to the parochial culture of the East or the West or to any one tradition.

Through His Instruction, Avatar Adi Da address every man and woman (and even every child) as they are in present-time.

He also speaks to every possibility of religious and Spiritual evolution and development, past, present, and future, and about literally every dimension of human experience, from diet, health, and sexuality, to art, politics, and science.

Avatar Adi Da has authored more than sixty books, covering the most esoteric seventh stage "Radical" Truth of Reality Itself that He Demonstrates and Embodies.

He also addresses practical disciplines and day-to-day matters of diet and health, the guidance and education of children, regenerative sexuality and truly human intimacy, and exercise, posture, and breath (and their relationship to emotion and to the primal Energy of life altogether).

Avatar Adi Da has fiercely criticized the destructive modern trends of scientific materialism and religious provincialism and the ancient trend of cultism (of every kind — personal, religious, and political).

He has brought perfect clarity, insight, and order to the apparently contradictory messages and goals of the myriad religious and Spiritual traditions, East and West.

His Written Teaching-Revelation is incomparable, timeless, and truly universal Wisdom.

Academic Study versus Sacred Study

Study in the "Radical" Reality-Way of Adidam is not like conventional academic study, performed for the sake of acquiring knowledge and stimulating the mind.

Rather, devotees of Avatar Adi Da engage study as a devotional practice, the purpose of which is to enter into direct relationship with Avatar Adi Da, and, thereby, into the Divine Sphere of His Blessing Grace.

Such study requires a very different orientation than that to which we are habituated through conventional schooling. Study as a form of relationship requires more than an exercise of the conceptual mind.

While it requires the reader to make use of his or her discriminative intelligence, the reader must also consider the Communication in the realm of feeling and intuition.


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