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The Gift of Study of
Avatar Adi Da's Reality-Teaching


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The Gift of Study in the
"Radical" Reality-Way of Adidam

"All My Reality-Teaching is intended to be a direct address to you. A relationship with Me, in other words, is the context of My Reality-Teaching.

"This is what you must come to understand and appreciate. Therefore, make the study of My Reality-Teaching into a form of relationship with Me and do not just think about ideas by reading My Books."

— Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da Samraj invites everyone to engage study of His Reality-Teaching as a form of meditation, a gift that enables the immediate and always available resort to Avatar Adi Da's Divine Grace and Help.

Study of His incomparable Reality-Teaching is a way to engage a present-time relationship with Him, a way to participate in His "Brightness".

Such study, made a regular part of your life, awakens true discrimination and allows an ever-deepening understanding of the nature of existence to emerge in the midst of all the pleasures and pains of life.

In the following pages you can learn more about study of Avatar Adi Da's Reality-Teaching and explore ways to pursue guided study through the Adidam Academy.

The Adidam Academy

Guided study can be an extremely effective way to deepen your understanding of Avatar Adi Da's Instructions and to become more available to His Argument.

The Adidam Academy was created to serve that understanding by offering a range of classes in a variety of formats, both for public participants and formal devotees of Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

A particularly popular Adidam Academy class is Anne Henderson's The Knee of Listening class. She describes the class as a contemplation of the Blissful Divine Mystery of Avatar Adi Da's Appearance here.

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» Upcoming Courses