CD Excerpt:
You Can't Get There From Here

 You Can't Get There from Here

Actual God-Realization is not something that happens to you when you as a “self” pursue the game of Spiritual practices, the “cause-and–effect” processes of Spiritual life—to the end, until you “get to God”. Actual God-Realization is not at the end of a sequence of actions of the conventional “self”. Actual God-Realization is a matter of the transcending of that conventional “self”.

—His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj
August 2, 1980


In “You Can't Get There From Here”, the principal Discourse on a recent CD publication from the Dawn Horse Press, Avatar Adi Da employs this famous punch line to launch a key consideration from His Teaching-Argument about the error and futility of the ego's search for God. Two additional Discourse excerpts—“The Ultimate Mudra” and “The ‘Brightness’ Will Outshine You”—expand upon this “consideration” of how the ego “works” and the truly ego-transcending Means to Realize Real God.


Adi Da with the RSO


All of the Discourses on this CD were recorded in the 1980s, during Avatar Adi Da’s Teaching Years. During this period (which came to completion in 2000), Avatar Adi Da Submitted to Teach those who were drawn to Realize His Divine Reality-State. The countless hours of Instruction that came from that time now make up the vast body of His written and spoken Instruction—about the nature of ego-bondage and the Graceful Means to Realize His Divine Reality-State. Avatar Adi Da is merely and eternally Present in the Deep Silence of His egoless Divine State—but this recorded Instruction remains available to all, as His Gift to all who are moved to relinquish ego-bondage in response to His “Bright” Divine State.



You Can’t Get There From Here


Listen here to the first segment of “You Can't Get There From Here”, as Avatar Adi Da instructs His listeners that there is nothing you can do to attain Real-God-Realization. The presumed separate “self” pursues union with the Divine as it pursues everything else in conventional life—but the presumption of “I” (or of separate “self”, or ego) is the activity that actually prevents awareness of our True Divine Condition. As He says, actual God-Realization is not at the end of a sequence of efforts performed by the ego, or presumed separate “self”. Rather, God-Realization only occurs in the transcending of the “self”.


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Ultimately this conventional “me” sense must be transcended, it must be fully understood. Your actual Condition must become obvious.…

The “me” of awareness must surrender to the point of Realizing its Identity with the Divine Being. Everything in this body-mind must be released of this illusion of an interior, separate “self” and simply realize its Oneness with the Infinitely Radiant Being.

—His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj
August 2, 1980



The Ultimate Mudra


In the second Discourse on this CD, “The Ultimate Mudra”, Avatar Adi Da draws attention to the notion that existence is a problem to be solved. The presumed separate “self” experiences life as a “problem”—but, He says, this “problem” is a knot, or contraction, that is added to existence, and is therefore not necessary or true. In fact, we are already continuous with everything, including our True Divine Condition. But as long as there is a struggle with the apparent “problem”, there is no awareness of the inherent state of unity. Thus, Avatar Adi Da calls all to a tacit understanding of our actual circumstance—and in this understanding, to come to rest in the circumstance of Inherent Unity.


As long as you are creating this knot, you are suffering in all kinds of ways, motivated to solve your existence as if it were a “problem”. Disturbed, always out of balance, fundamentally unhappy, and without faith, without the fundamental sense of continuousness with what is Ultimately in Power, Ultimately Alive, Eternal and Absolute, Mastering all of Existence. You must enter into profound dependent unity with That. Not as a child relates to a parent, but as a free being enters into love-sacrifice, profound intimacy with It—rather than as a child, a sort of secondary robot of the parent. You must become in love with God. You must enter into the relations of love with all other beings, responsibly. In doing so, you transcend this knot, this thing that you are doing, adding to your Fundamental Existence.

—His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj
October 29, 1980



The “Brightness” Will Outshine You


In the final Discourse on this CD, Avatar Adi Da admonishes, “Unhitch your life from egoic tendency and live the sacred life”. To do this, He says, the devotee simply “locates” the primal Attractiveness of His Divine Reality-State and is thereby drawn into a life of contemplation, of Satsang—the devotional relationship to the Spiritual Master. This contemplative life of Communion with the Divine Reality is, in fact, “the Impulse of the heart”, and it is the Graceful Means by which all patterns of ego are purified. Thus the CD concludes with the fundamental Secret that underlies the entire Way Offered by Avatar Adi Da to all—of living a concentrated life of whole bodily ego-transcending devotion to the Living Divine Reality. In this relationship, Avatar Adi Da Dissolves all egoic bondage in His Divine “Brightness”.


The devotee develops a longing more and more…to be in that Situation, in that Satsang, in that contemplation. This is how the egoic design gets purified. This is what devotion is. Devotion is to be drawn to that primal Attractiveness, so that all other persuasions, tendencies, forms of egoity, are not distracting, and can therefore be purified, fallen away. So practice is not what you do alone, when you are home. Practice is what you do with Me. And wherever you may be, you must find the Space of My Company. This is the Secret.

—His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj
July 9, 1988


— from The Dawn Horse Press —

 bridge to god You Can't Get There From Here
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

• First time on CD
• Digitally remastered for improved sound quality
• Bonus track: “The ‘Brightness’ Will Outshine You” (not included on the cassette edition)

Track Listings:

You Can’t Get There From Here

(August 2, 1980) 

1. The self Can’t Get to God 9:58
2. The Body Arises in a Universal Field 9:33
3. Realization Has No self 8:10
4. The Spiritual Master Is Not a Religious Man 8:05

5. The Ultimate Mudra 19:43
(October 29, 1980) 

6. The “Brightness” Will Outshine You 10:23
(July 9, 1988) 

Total running time: 66 minutes