DVD Excerpt:
The Secret of Experience

The Secret of Experience

The true Yoga of Adidam, this tacit participation in My State, ultimately goes beyond . . . all associations, beyond all limiting metaphors, and beyond all changes, gross, subtle, or causal—all space-time changes, all perspectives, all “point of view” overlays, all ideas of “self”, all questions.

—His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj
December 5, 2004




“The Secret of Experience” DVD introduces two related selections from the Divine Avataric Discourse period, 2004-2006. In these selections, Adi Da responds to questions from His devotees about their experiences that arise in the process of their practice in His Company.

In the first talk, Avatar Adi Da hears from a devotee who describes a spontaneous experience he had in which he felt there was no "I". As the conversation begins, Avatar Adi Da questions the devotee in order to help him see that the event he experienced was self-authenticating. As the devotee reports, there was no question associated with the event at the time it occurred. Rather, the question came afterwards, simultaneous with the returning sense of being an “I”, or ego—which had been previously suspended.

Adi Da points out that when resting in the egoless State given in the “experience”, before mind was active, there was “no one there” to doubt the Truth of that Reality. What caused the doubt? Avatar Adi Da points out that doubt is the disposition of the ego, an indication of identification with the illusion of separate “self” (or "I"). Whereas this illusion of separateness is exactly what was transcended in the event itself.

The video selection provided in this article is the final section of that talk, a track entitled “A Conversion of the Questioner”. In this final section, Avatar Adi Da takes the opportunity to Instruct the man (and everyone) in the value of true Spiritual experience. Such experiences are Graceful signs of the Truth of the Master’s State, He explains. He describes such experiences as revelatory Gifts, “breakthrough” moments that should intensify practice, make it more real, inspire it, and make it more consistent.

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The devotee must resist the trap of seeking to repeat an experience, Adi Da admonishes. In such seeking for experience, one is bound up in the energies of the body-mind, reinforcing suffering and bondage, and forgetting the living process with the Spiritual Master. Whereas it is in that living process that the devotee transcends the ego-“self”, becoming questionless and silent in profound devotional Communion with the Spiritual Master.

Adi Da beautifully explains how the Spiritual Master functions in literal response to the true practice of devotees: real devotion elicits real Blessing. This principle is demonstrated in the tangible heart-relationship that can be felt in the very sweet exchange recorded in this discourse.

Avatar Adi Da beautifully summarizes His Instruction from this discourse in this simple way: When the search and the question are transcended by Grace, the devotee "makes room" for Adi Da’s Love-Blissful egoless Transmission. With that Blessing-Transmission comes fuller participation in the living relationship with the Divine Master and deeper surrender into His perfectly egoless State.

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Avon Lady The Secret of Experience DVD
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

• Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, Czech, and Hebrew subtitles
• Bonus: Four minutes of silent Sighting of Avatar Adi Da
• Hearing challenged? Choose English captions for enhanced listening.

DVD Menu:

From December 5, 2004
• The Questioner Is the Doubt (10:23)
• The Ego Is Not Exiled from Reality (10:44)
• The Metaphor of Your Experience (12:34)
• A Conversion of the Questioner (12:33)

From August 13, 2004:
• The Process Is the Practice, Not the Experiences(12:12)

• Sacred Sightings of Avatar Adi Da Samraj (4:12)

Total running time: approx. 65 minutes