Video: Transcend the Self-Knot of Fear

Avatar Adi Da Samraj On many occasions throughout His Years of Teaching and Instruction, Adi Da has pointed out that fear is the root-emotion of egoity, or the sense of separateness. The ultimate fear is the fear of losing the self.

And, yet, "losing the self" and its world through a Spiritual "revolution" in awareness is exactly what must occur in order to be truly and absolutely free of fear.

The link below shows a video excerpt from a Discourse given by Adi Da (on August 13, 2004) on this very subject. In this occasion, which was broadcast live over the internet to all His devotees around the world, a questioner asks about the fearfulness he feels "locked" in his body.

Adi Da responds that the root of fear is the same as the root of all suffering — it is the "self-contraction", or the activity of identification with a separate and mortal body.

Rather than avoiding the fear inherent in the body, Adi Da calls this questioner, and all beings, to understand and transcend this self-knot by Realizing the Divine Condition That Is Always Already the Case.

This Discourse in its entirety is presented on the DVD entitled Transcend the Self-Knot of Fear, available through the Dawn Horse Press.

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Transcend the Self-Knot of Fear - DVD

1. The Significance of Fear
2. Meditation Techniques Don’t Touch Fear
3. There Is No Fear in the Divine Condition
4. Fear and the Two-Armed Form of the Master
5. The Real "Now" Is Beyond "Point of View"
6. A contemplative sighting of Avatar Adi Da Samraj

This DVD includes subtitles in
English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and Polish.

Total running time: 54 minutes

$26.95 - DVD

Also available as an audio CD:

$16.95 - CD


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