Video: The Sphere Of My Inherent Radiance

In this Talk, Avatar Adi Da Samraj discourses on the "great matter" of His Spiritual Transmission, which He describes as transcending space-time and occurring in the "True Realm of Reality". He Reveals the mystery of how it is "very easy" for Him to Spiritually Bless the entirety of the cosmos with His Transmission.

And He urges you and all beings to "come into the room" with Him — to enter into a devotional relationship with Him so that His Spiritual Transmission can grow you beyond seeking (for release, pleasure, and happiness), into present-time communion with Him, the Conscious Light of Happiness Itself.

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Another Section of this Talk
Another section of this talk is available on the CD, Reality Is Beyond Point of View, a collection of discourses given by Adi Da Samraj.