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Enter Into Unlimited Profundity

Avatar Adi Da SamrajIn this discourse from October 2005, a longtime devotee who has had an automobile accident asks Avatar Adi Da a question about the role of karma in his life and practice.

After humorously questioning His devotee about his karmic responsibility for the shirt he is wearing, Avatar Adi Da points to something more fundamental than the universal law of "cause and effect": In every instant of life, He says, there is the same opportunity to examine the true nature of existence — and there is the non-necessity of presuming a separate "self".

Therefore, Avatar Adi Da says, the impulse to Realize Truth does not require that one be in the midst of a difficult circumstance. He clarifies that the old saying, "through suffering comes wisdom", is just not true. Were it so, He asserts with amusement, everyone would be wise — because everyone suffers.

And in fact, He says, mere suffering makes no difference, unless there is availability to Reality. The truth is that any moment of existence is a sufficient moment to enter into the Unlimited Profundity of Reality Itself.

Every moment of experiencing has fundamentally the same factors, and, therefore, is a sufficient incident for profoundest consideration of what is happening.

Every moment is an eminently suitable moment for Unlimited Profundity — if you allow it to be so.

— His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da
October 6, 2005

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Enter Into Unlimited Profundity DVD

'Enter Into Unlimited Profundity' DVD cover

When Avatar Adi Da Samraj is asked a question about "karmas" as determining factors in human life, He points to something even more fundamental than the universal law of cause and effect.

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Includes subtitles in English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, Czech, and Hebrew.



Are Negative Events Punishment? [11:26]
Every Moment Is Suitable for Profundity [10:23]
The Profound Nature of Reality Itself [16:52]
You Are the Witness-Consciousness Itself [10:44]
The World Is Outshined [14:55]
Sacred Sightings of Avatar Adi Da Samraj [03:44]

Total running time: 1 hour 10 minutes

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