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"Guru As Prophet"


Guru As Prophet Sm


(as published in the book My "Bright" Word)


II. (Continued)


Why do you think I am here? Not to write a lot of books about some method of seeking that people can do to themselves for the next twenty centuries. There is a specific Divine Function Alive here. It Wants to Make Itself Known. It Wants to Live. It Wants to Thrive. It Wants to Do Its Work. But, if people do not establish themselves—responsibly, every day, joyfully—in this heart-relationship to Me, then they have not yet begun the Way of Satsang with Me.

Only when Satsang with Me is actually lived can the entire process I have described take place. If Satsang with Me is not lived, if It does not become the Condition of your life, and if the transformative process has not begun as a living reality, then you can read My Avataric Divine Teaching-Word for the rest of your life and (yet) never Realize anything at all. You can Enquire of yourself "Avoiding relationship?", or engage the practice of Ruchira Avatara Naama Japa, for many hours a day, and yet you will not Realize anything. The process must come alive—and it depends entirely on Satsang with Me.

When you are rightly aligned to My Avataric Divine Purpose, your own existence will be characterized by great intensity. As My devotee, you should serve Me with your very breath. You should allow your reluctance to burn up in My Avataric Divine Company. You should never indulge your reluctance. It is never appropriate to indulge reluctance in relation to Me. It is only appropriate to be turned to Me moment to moment—to serve Me, to be indifferent to your conflicts, to be indifferent to the luxuries of your crisis.

As Westerners, you would be amazed—even offended—to see how people relate to the Guru in India. As Westerners, you tend (for various reasons) to dislike people who are always bowing down and saying, "Yes, Master." On a certain level, you have good reasons for feeling this, because a certain phoniness may be manifested behind that external posturing. On the other hand, such behavior is a useful discipline for "Narcissus", who is full of resistance to being intensely alive to the Guru. That is what is going on in India. It is not the case that people in Indian ashrams are simply and spontaneously adoring of the Guru. It is not the case that they are always selflessly serving the Guru. Until they become true devotees of the Guru, they are always intentionally adoring and serving the Guru—because they know that, by tendency, they are not otherwise adoring and serving the Guru. They engage such outward devotional expressions because they know what they are made of.

People have a tremendous reluctance to animate the life of adoration, service, Fullness, Happiness. People are reserved, even indifferent, in relation to God. How many tears have you wept for God? How much suffering have you done for love of the Guru? How much intense suffering have you felt relative to your lack of Divine Self-Realization? Very little. But look at how many hours and hours you have spent retching over the most idiotic nonsense! Look at how much time you spend defending your own reluctance! The energy of your life is devoted to this false principle.



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Guru As Prophet Guru As Prophet
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

· Double-CD—nearly two hours long!
· Includes companion Talk from 1973, Money, Food, and Sex
· Great way to hear Avatar Adi Da's early recordings—newly re-mastered for CD in 2012

Track Listings:

Guru As Prophet
1. The True Guru Undermines Cultism
2. The Prophetic Function of the Guru
3. The Transforming Event of Real Intelligence
4. Love Is Unobstructed Energy

Money, Food, and Sex
1. Truth Begins from the Ground Up
2. Spiritual Life Is a Demand, Not a Form of Therapy
3. The Conditions for Understanding
4. The Guru Demands Self-Responsibility

Total running time: 50 minutes