Easy Death - DVD Excerpt:
Enter the Inherently Fearless Condition

Avatar Adi Da Samraj Throughout the years of His Divine Avataric Teaching-Revelation, Avatar Adi Da spoke at length in response to devotees' questions on all subjects relative to the human circumstance — including death, and all the sorrow and fear inherent in the circumstance of human mortality.

In "Enter the Inherently Fearless Condition", a video segment from September 18, 2004, Avatar Adi Da describes the choice we face: to live in fear, the "native mood of the ego" — or to realize the profundity of the inherently fearless Condition.

Avatar Adi Da calls us to a surrendered life that is about Realization and all that is relevant to Realization, including compassionate service. Such a surrendered life is the key to an "easy" death.

This excerpt is part of the two-and-a-half-hour DVD, Easy Death — Discourses on the Ultimate Transcending of Death and Everything Else.

This compilation of ten talks spans thirty-four years of Avatar Adi Da's Work. It includes His compassionate Instruction about

  • - the sorrow of loss
  • - the fear of death
  • - serving the dying person
  • - how to practice during and beyond the death process
  • - the Ultimate Demonstration of Divine Translation (or Most Perfect Realization of the deathless Condition).

From His Perfect Disposition of Absolute Freedom, Avatar Adi Da Samraj reveals the greater process within which death occurs, and the Ultimate Demonstration of What Is, Prior to life and death.

Death is utterly acceptable to consciousness and life. There has been endless time of numberless deaths, but neither consciousness nor life has ceased to arise.

The felt quality and cycle to death has not modified the fragility of flowers, even the flowers within the human body.

Therefore, one's understanding of consciousness and life must be turned to That Utter, Inclusive Truth, That Clarity and Wisdom, That Power and Untouchable Gracefulness, That One and Only Reality, this evidence suggests.

— His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The Knee of Listening

Watch the Videovideo (14:09 minutes)
Easy Death - 2½ hour DVD
Discourses on the Ultimate Transcending
of Death and Everything Else

Subtitles in English, French, Italian, German,
Dutch, Polish, Czech, and Hebrew
Easy Death DVD cover
This compilation of ten discourses spans thirty-four years of Avatar Adi Da's Work. The total running time is approxmately 2½ hours

    1. The Heart of Understanding [2:47]
    2. Realization Is the Only Liberation from Loss [15:33]
    3. How to Serve the Dying Person [10:46]
    4. Death Is a Sacrifice in the Divine [12:37]
    5. Use Your Life [17:53]
    6. Enter the Inherently Fearless Condition [25:33]
    7. After Death, Mind Makes You [15:25]
    8. Your Practice Will Not Be Lost at Death [14:10]
    9. The Ultimate Force and Form of Divine Translation [22:19]
    10. The Utterly Transparent Manifestation of the Divine "Bright" Reality [13:34]


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