Video: The Divine Is Not the Cause

Avatar Adi Da Samraj In this video excerpt, Adi Da Samraj describes the ego as an activity that we are doing, rather than a "something" that we can examine and figure out (as if the ego were a separate "object") .

Adi Da discusses how even the language that we use day to day constantly affirms the existence of a separate "I", even though no such "thing" exists.

He says that every individual must truly discover that the "I" is his or her own activity — which He calls the "self"-contraction — in order to grow in the process of Realization.

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The DVD entitled The Divine Is Not the Cause is available through the Dawn Horse Press (see below), and contains this Discourse in its entirety.

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DVD cover DVD — The Divine Is Not the Cause
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1. The Definition of Egoity
2. Non-Humans and the Sphere of Energy
3. Human Beings Are Self-Confined
4. The Source and the "I"
5. There Is No Cause of Conditions
6. Reality is Undifferentiated Light
7. A Sacred Sighting of Avatar Adi Da

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