CD Excerpt:
The Bridge to God

Bridge to GodIn a deeply instructive discourse from 1980, released now as a CD entitled The Bridge to God, Avatar Adi Da considers the inherently magical nature of the world and our psychic relationship to it. He makes clear the necessity to discover and participate in that magical condition in order to go beyond the suppressive confines of the conventional materialistic point of view and discover the happiness inherent in existence.


In the media segment provided in this article, drawn from the beginning of the discourse, Avatar Adi Da points out that the world is a psychic phenomenon that necessarily includes us and is affected by us. The human psyche is as much a part of the world as are our physical forms. But to become aware of this reality, we must participate psychically in the world and observe the coincidences and significances that the verbal mind tends to exclude. Adi Da directs attention to magicians and traditional medicine men, or shamans—those involved in magical cultures—who are able to notice and influence the patterns and phenomena in the objective world that correspond to psychic states.


Adi Da describes His own process, engaged in His early life, of “bare observation” of everything in His internal and external environment, without any presumption or dogma about what He was observing. In that open disposition, over time, the true nature of things became clear—that there was no difference between the internal, psychic world and the outer, objective world. He describes what evolved in His awareness during that process:


The characters that were in this internal “world” were in the external “world”. Pieces of the events would be worked out in the external “world” and would be carried over into the internal “world”. It was a single, fluid, psychic plastic. And, as a result, the phenomena of the “objective world” began to achieve psychic force, became recognizable as states of the psyche, signs of the psyche. The beings in the “objective world” became psychically significant beings. I became sensitive to My daily life as a psychic process, even in the terms of simply perceiving “objective” events.

—His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj

October 27, 1980


The outcome of His process—of discovering the coincidence of all phenomena, "inner" and "outer"—was a state of “brilliant equanimity”. Adi Da reveals that such an awakening can (and must) occur for all, as a preliminary to engaging a real Spiritual process. Although current cultural paradigms suppress this awareness of the world as a psychic process, the truth is that the total cosmos—human, non-human, and even inanimate objects—are all part of a living, fluid Presence. The root of everything is Radiant Being and Living Conscious Reality.


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In subsequent sections of the talk, Avatar Ad Da illuminates the profoundly limiting and dehumanizing effect of the “matter-only” dogma of conventional science and calls us to find out the truth for ourselves. He calls us not to believe any authority but to go through a real and intelligent ordeal, to submit ourselves “to the bare facts of existence”, for the sake of discovering what is really true—about our existence, about the world, and about the Divine.


You must ultimately recognize that there is no dividing line between the psyche and the body in the “world”. It is an infinite plastic, one process. And when the psyche and the “world” begin to coincide, then the barrier breaks down. Then you begin to become happy—because the energy, the being, that is inherent in the universe is allowed to move freely to saturate your existence.

— His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj

October 27, 1980

— from The Dawn Horse Press —

 bridge to god The Bridge to God
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

• Released for the first time on CD in 2013 (Originally an audio cassette)
• Digitally remastered for improved sound quality
• Excellent foundation considerations for anyone moved to discover and live a life based on Truth and Real God.

Track Listings:
1. The World Is a Psychic Phenomenon 15:23
2. Scientism Is Anti-Magic 14:31
3. Discover the Real Nature of Existence 12:53
4. Surrender to Infinity 14:17

Total running time: 57 minutes