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"The Avon Lady"


Avon Lady

An Endorsement of Anne Henderson’s Classes

             I have just completed my first course with Anne Henderson, and I got such a lot from it. It was my first introduction to the work of Adi Da Samraj, and I started it with a mixture of curiosity and excitement. From the first class, Anne checked in at regular intervals about my understanding and always invited comments such that I never felt that anything I ever asked was too simple. Anne created such a warm and loving space through which the powerful words of Adi Da resonated.

            Anne didn't only rely on the text but made it richer by recounting her own experiences of Adi Da, both present and past, with love, humour, and absolute honesty. Her authenticity and integrity made her an amazing teacher. She never pretended to know everything. Where she wasn't sure about what Adi Da meant by something He wrote, she was straight and honest about it. But then she would go on and give us an explanation, being very clear that this was simply her feeling. This often resulted in an experience of "oh yes, I can see that now". I trusted her implicitly and so listened intently to everything she said.

            What was also amazing and magical was that I would begin the class each week with a question in my heart—and then at some point in the evening my question would be answered, and I felt my consciousness expand with the understanding. By the time class ended, I was energized and excited about the message that Adi Da is offering to the world. I found shifts happening in every area of my life as a result of doing this course.

            Having a class taught by a long-time devotee who had direct contact with this amazing Realizer and Teacher is an opportunity to let Adi Da's wisdom go deeply in to transform you and your life.

—Margaret Dempsey

Brighton, UK

— from The Dawn Horse Press —

Avon Lady The Avon Lady
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

· Double-CD—nearly two hours long!
· Includes companion Talk from 1972, Walking The Dog
· Great way to hear Avatar Adi Da's early recordings—newly re-mastered for CD in 2012

Track Listings:

The Avon Lady (June 20, 1972)
1. The Company of Truth
2. The Crisis of Truth
3. There Is Already No Dilemma
4. The Heart Itself Must Enter In

Running time: 53 minutes

Walking The Dog (September 21, 1972)
1. Obsession and Humor
2. The Avoidance of Relationship
3. Satsang Demands Relationship
4. Satsang Is Sufficient

Running time: 53 minutes


— from the Laughing Man Institute —

What: My “Bright” Word Course
When: Wednesdays or Thursdays, starting March 12 or 13, 2014, for 17 weeks
Where: Teleconference from home
Tuition: $300 US, €217 Euros, or £181 British Pounds