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"The Avon Lady"


Avon Lady

An excerpt from the essay "The Avon Lady" (continued)


DEVOTEE: Would You describe some of the levels on which You Work?

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: There is no particular point in describing them. The most it would do is make you self-conscious in relationship to Me. On every possible level of awareness, the Heart Itself is Active. The important thing is that, in My Avataric Divine Company, even though people are suffering, they are able to intuitively recognize Me As the Living Divine Person. What they will do about that recognition is another matter. But the recognition is there, in some intuitive form. Rather than any other kind of "informa­tion", it is heart-recognition of Me that My devotees must depend onboth for knowing that I am their Divine Guru (or Divine Heart-Master) and for knowing that they want to be involved in the heart-relationship to Me. Many have had enough of seekingsuch that, once they come into contact with Me (in one manner or another), they are moved to become My formal devotees. Through that process, they begin to see how I Function as the Living Divine Heart. Others come into contact with Me, and they resist immedi­ately. They defend their stateand, so, they may not (presently) be moved toward Me.

        The occupation of My devotee is Satsang, the heart-relationship to Me. Contemplating Me with feeling-devotion is My devotee's meditation. Consciously sitting in relationship with the Very Divine Person (or Real-God-Nature)such is a true summary of all of the elements of meditation. What else could meditation be? Therefore, for My devotee, to meditate is (most fundamentally) simply to live in heart-Communion with Me. And, over time, meditation becomes more profound. It becomes Real intelligence. Even from the beginning of the Way of Adidam, meditation is (necessarily) a form­al practice, appearing as what people ordinarily presume to be meditation. But that heart-Communion with Me, Satsang with Me, living It from day to day, living the conditions that this heart-relationship requires of youthat is the foundation of True Spiritual life.

        For My devotee, Satsang with Me is meditation. For My devotee, Satsang with Me is sadhana (or True religiousand, in due course, Spiritualpractice). For My devotee, the heart-relationship to Me is True Humor. In Satsang with Me, True Humor is obviousbecause the most fundamental Enjoy­ment is always taking place.

        Until you devotionally recognize Me (the Divine Heart Alive in Avatarically-Born bodily human Divine Form) and live the heart-relationship to Me, everything you do is a form of the search, and every action reinforces your suffering. Such a life is not "it". There must be a "radically" new life, based on a "radically" new Presence, a "radically" new Communication.

        The Divine Heart Itself must Appearin Avatarically-Born Incarnate Form.



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Avon Lady The Avon Lady
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

· Double-CD—nearly two hours long!
· Includes companion Talk from 1972, Walking The Dog
· Great way to hear Avatar Adi Da's early recordings—newly re-mastered for CD in 2012

Track Listings:

The Avon Lady (June 20, 1972)
1. The Company of Truth
2. The Crisis of Truth
3. There Is Already No Dilemma
4. The Heart Itself Must Enter In

Running time: 53 minutes

Walking The Dog (September 21, 1972)
1. Obsession and Humor
2. The Avoidance of Relationship
3. Satsang Demands Relationship
4. Satsang Is Sufficient

Running time: 53 minutes


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