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"The Avon Lady"


Avon Lady

An excerpt from the essay "The Avon Lady" (developed by Adi Da Samraj from His original spoken discourse, and published in My "Bright" Word)


AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: There is no Divine Self that is behind all of this. The Divine Self (or Self-Condition) Is this, without a doubt. There is no separateness whatsoever. Therefore, Divine Self-Realization is entirely compatible with hu­man existence. One who is Divinely Self-Realized is no longer sufferingno longer seeking, whether outwardly or inwardly. The dilemma is gone. The Divine Realizer sees the Obvious. The Divine Realizer Enjoys the Obvious. And all the human functions become functions in factusable, achievable, and enjoyable.

        You are dealing with images. These images imply things about your present state which are not quite true. They are metaphors: the idea of the "switch", the idea of the "Fourth State" (Beyond the three states of waking, dreaming, and sleeping). Truth has been represented in the form of images in order to interest you in Realization, and also in order to suggest to you what is not Realization. But Realization is of another kind than this interest, this fascina­tion, developed by your reading of traditional texts. All of the traditions agree that the best thing you can do is spend your time in Satsang, in heart-Communion with the Adept-Realizer, the Guru. That is meditation. That is the Real Condition. Satsang with Me is Realization. That is Love-Bliss-Happiness.

DEVOTEE: How can it affect someoneto just sit with a Realized being? 

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: You tend to take on the qualities of the things you spend your time with. If you watch a television program, you go through a distracting drama. Then, all of a sudden, a commercial! It breaks the trance. So you feel disturbed. If you spend your evening in a topless-bottomless bar, another game attracts you. If you take drugs, there is that drama. If you get amused tonight, smoking cigarettes until dawn, there is that form of mind and life. Perhaps you go on a picnic, or you go fishing, or you go to church on Sunday. There are all these dramas being played.

        Now, it happens thatin the ordinary drama (in all of its millions of forms, and in all the billions of people living it)there is a contraction. Every drama is a play of separation, of suffering, of seeking. The self-contraction is the root-element, the foundation, of all ego-dramas. Therefore, when you become involved with ordinary things (regardless of what they may appear to be in the moment), they carry with them the root-implication of your suffering. Now there is this pleasure, now thisnow this entertainment, and now this. The appearance varies, but it is always the samethe same implication is being reinforced in conscious awareness.

        I have Appeared in human Form, but I Live as the Real Divine Self-Condition. Thus, of all your associations, it is only My Avataric Divine Company, Satsang with Me, that does not support the self-contraction. Satsang with Me does not support the self-contraction. That is what is unique about Satsang with Me. Inevitably, you continue to attempt to live self-contraction in various forms, you continue to be entertained, you continue to seek. You even continue to expect what it seems you should expect from your association with Me. But I do not support the self-contraction, your very activity of suffering.

        The Guru is like an elevator. The Guru is in the hotel lobbywith a nice marble casement, and a needle above, pointing to the numbers of floors. It looks perfectly stable. You know it has been there for a while. You dare to walk up to it. You see buttons on the wall. The doors open. You look inside. It is nicely decorated. A couple of nicely dressed people come out, to go to the cocktail lounge. So you step in. You expect to riseas all the traditions say. But you fall right through the bottom of the floor!

        I do not support your egoic game. My Activity is non-support—in endless forms.

        The effect of this non-support is that the quality of self-contraction in you begins to become obvious. The search winds down, your suffering becomes obvious, and you (intuitively) become alive in the context of such self-observation. The quality of self-contraction simply begins to get flabby and fall apart. You begin to observe and understand your own activity of self-contraction. Therefore, in the living relationship with Me, I Live the Divine Self-Condition to youwhereas, in all other conditions of life, it is the self-contraction, the avoidance of relationship, that is lived to you.



— from The Dawn Horse Press —

Avon Lady The Avon Lady
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

· Double-CD—nearly two hours long!
· Includes companion Talk from 1972, Walking The Dog
· Great way to hear Avatar Adi Da's early recordings—newly re-mastered for CD in 2012

Track Listings:

The Avon Lady (June 20, 1972)
1. The Company of Truth
2. The Crisis of Truth
3. There Is Already No Dilemma
4. The Heart Itself Must Enter In

Running time: 53 minutes

Walking The Dog (September 21, 1972)
1. Obsession and Humor
2. The Avoidance of Relationship
3. Satsang Demands Relationship
4. Satsang Is Sufficient

Running time: 53 minutes


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