CD Excerpt:
"After My Lifetime"

— A New CD-Set Honoring the Third Anniversary
of Avatar Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi

Avatar Adi Da SamrajAll future time is the time of My Incarnation, even though the time will come when I am not physically animated in this Body any longer.

And My ability to Function does not depend on My physical Incarnation. My own and very Existence is Prior to all this, is Always Already the Case....

What was needed was means whereby human beings, all beings, everything altogether, can establish contact with Me and be Blessed by Me, now and forever — for the purpose of Realizing Me. Therefore, I have Incarnated here to Establish those Means necessary in the conditional planes.

— His Divine Presence, Adi Da Samraj
August 13, 2004

Listen to an excerpt from After My Lifetime, a new audio collection of Adi Da's Instruction published in honor of the third anniversary of Avatar Adi Da's Divine Mahasamadhi.

In the talks on this double-CD set, Avatar Adi Da speaks of the significance of His physical Passing, the ongoing gift of the devotional and Transcendental Spiritual relationship to Him, and the Nature of His Work to Bless and Awaken all beings, now and throughout all time.

The CD material spans more than thirty years of Avatar Adi Da's Life, beginning with the earliest days of His Teaching-Work and extending through just a few years before Avatar Adi Da's Passing in 2008. These CDs include excerpts of Adi Da's talks, as well as His own recitations of His poetry (in 1982) and from His literary Work The Happenine Book (in 2006).

In the talk excerpted here from July 11, 1995, Avatar Adi Da speaks of His physical Body as an extraordinary Yogic Sign of His Eternal Nature — but also as natural and mortal.

In a most intimate confession, Adi Da affirms to His devotees (and thus to all) that, because of His Infinite and Eternal Nature, He can never be divorced from human beings — even when His physical Body has passed.

His human Lifetime, Adi Da explains, was purposed to establish the means by which to know His Eternal Form — so that the death of His Body will not make any difference. As He says, "I Am the Infinite One always with you. So when the Body dies, I am still with you."

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Adi Da's Communications on After My Lifetime serve as a means to feel His Eternal Divine Presence. It is an opportunity to discover the Great Mystery of Avatar Adi Da's universal Blessing-Work with all beings and to understand the ongoing nature of the Realization-process in His Divine Company.

I Am the Infinite One. And This Body was My Means, for a while, to make this plain to you — that is all.

I Appear through every element in every plane, every domain within the cosmic domain.

This is So. It is Eternally So. Always will be So, therefore. Always was So — but you did not notice Me directly.

This is My first and consequential Incarnation to inform you about My Infinite and Eternal Nature and Work

— His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj
July 11, 1995

After My Lifetime(Double CD)

'After My Lifetime' CD cover

In honor of the third anniversary of the passing of Avatar Adi Da's physical Body, we offer this exceptional collection of Adi Da's Instruction.

The Discourses included in this double CD cover the significance of this Yogic Event, the ever-present Gift of the direct relationship to Him, and the never-ending Nature of His Work to Bless and Awaken all beings.

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1. The Reason For My Birth — An excerpt from "The Happen of the 'Bright'", Chapter Three of The Happenine Book (Recited by Adi Da Samraj on April 22, 2006) 3:32
2. Take This Body As Prasad (January 3, 1974) An excerpt from "Guru Enters Devotee" 2:28
3. There Is No Death For Me (April 23, 1984) 6:33
4. I Am Not Elsewhere (April 22, 1995) 5:04
5. The Qualities of My Eternal Presence (April 16, 1995) An excerpt from "Love Is How I Got To Here" 14:27
6. You Will Find Me Just As Before (April 28, 1995) 6:25
7. I Will Work With You Directly Forever (July 11, 1995) 5:22
8. Here Requires This (August 13, 1995) 9:19
9. This Is My Room (November 6, 2004) 5:30

Total Disc One time: 59:00

1. No One Like Me Has Appeared In This Place Before - Poem 24 from Crazy Da Must Sing — Inclined to His Weaker Side (Recited by Adi Da Samraj on August 12, 1982) 1:01
2. Pass The Torch (November 30, 1985) 4:01
3. Incarnating My Pattern Here In Perpetuity (November 10, 1996) 8:32
4. All Have Equal Access To Me (May 29, 1995) 5:58
5. The Outshining Brightness (November 25, 1993) 7:12
6. I Have Said What Needs To Be Said (August 26, 2004) 10:46
7. I Established What Is Essential (August 13, 2004) 10:23
8. I Will Be Incarnated Countlessly Through My Devotees (March 29, 1994) 17:40
9. I Am The Heart That Is You — An excerpt from "The Fall of Happen's Text", Chapter 36 of The Happenine Book (recited on May 10, 2006) 4:15

Total Disc Two time: 70:08

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