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You Can't Get There from HereYou Can't Get There from Here video (audio)

July 2015
Listen to an excerpt from “You Can't Get There From Here”. In the principal talk on this recently published CD, Avatar Adi Da employs the familiar punch line to consider the fruitlessness of the ego's search for God. He instructs everyone that the ego cannot attain Realization through "self"-effort. Real-God-Realization only occurs in the transcending of "self".

The Bridge to God The Bridge to God video (audio)

October 2014
Listen to an excerpt from the CD The Bridge to God, where Avatar Adi Da considers the magical nature of the world and our psychic relationship to it. He describes the necessity for all to become aware of the world as a psychic process—through participation and real observation.

The Avon LadyThe Avon Lady video (audio)

January 2014
Listen to an excerpt from “The Avon Lady”, a talk given by Avatar Adi Da in the early 1970s. Here He describes the contraction that is the subtle motivation of all seeking, and then goes on to describe the unique function of the True Guru—Who alone does not support the search, thereby Awakening awareness of what is prior to the search.

Guru As ProphetGuru as Prophetvideo (audio)

October 2013
Listen to an excerpt from "Guru As Prophet", a classic discourse by Avatar Adi Da from the early period of His Teaching-Work. Here Adi Da distinguishes between the Spiritual (Transmission) Function of the True Guru and the public function of Guru as "prophet" (or critic).

The Grace of Sufferingvideo (video)

July 2012
Watch a clip from "The Grace of Suffering", a talk by Avatar Adi Da from 1976 from the 25th Anniversary DVD Series. Avatar Adi Da explains that practice, especially at the beginning, is about the demonstration of one's tendencies, one's turning away, and the lesson in seeing that.

After My Lifetimevideo (audio)

January 2012
Hear Adi Da speak about how the mortality of His physical Form does not limit His Eternal Nature and ongoing Blessing-Work. This audio excerpt is taken from a double CD collection of profound Instruction from Avatar Adi Da about the import of His Divine Mahasamadhi.

Relinquish the Mummery of This Worldvideo (video)

October 2011
Watch an excerpt from an exquisite three-hour discourse, "Relinquish the Mummery of This World", given by Avatar Adi Da in California on July 7, 2005. In this excerpt, instead of addressing the content of a devotee's question, Adi Da addresses the disposition of the questioner and the illusion of the separate self.

A Tribute to the Life and Work
of Avatar Adi Da Samraj
video (video)
From the double DVD

March 2011
Selections from the "Tribute" DVD series — two moving evenings of praise and appreciation for Avatar Adi Da Samraj. Recorded at Adi Da Samrajashram on November 28 and 29, 2009, the first anniversary of His Divine Mahasamadhi.

The Great Secretvideo (video)
From the 20th Anniversary DVD Series - volume 3

November 2010
Watch an excerpt from "The Great Secret", Volume 3 of the 20th Anniversary DVD series — which offers masterful Talks by Avatar Adi Da Samraj recorded during His Teaching-Years, in the period from 1988 to 1991.

Transcendental Realismvideo (video)
The Image-Art of egoless Coincidence with Reality Itself

September 2010
The new edition of Transcendental Realism: The Image-Art of egoless Coincidence With Reality Itself contains many never-before-published writings by Adi Da, including a remarkable, detailed explanation of how His own final image-making process evolved. Watch a video from 2006 and 2007 of Adi Da creating and speaking about His "aperspectival" art.

Enter Into Unlimited Profundityvideo (video)
August 2010

Avatar Adi Da clarifies that the apparent quality of the moment — whether difficult or enjoyable or ordinary — is fundamentally irrelevant, because any moment is sufficient to enter into Unlimited Profundity, if you allow it to be so.

Science Is a Method, Not a Philosophyaudio (audio)
July 2010

In this discourse, Avatar Adi Da humorously and incisively exposes the presumptions embedded in the world of science — presumptions that pervade modern culture and suppress free participation in the process of Realizing Truth.

"I Am Always Already Free"video (video)

March 2010
This video excerpt features an exquisite slideshow of photographs of Avatar Adi Da in the last month of His life, accompanied by recordings of Adi Da speaking of His eventual Passing, quotes from His "first and foremost" book, The Aletheon, and devotional music offerings.

The Eternal Onevideo (video)

February 2010
The Eternal One is a stunningly beautiful chronicle of the events surrounding the Divine Mahasamadhi of Avatar Adi Da. The book confirms the Spiritual context of Avatar Adi Da's Passing and communicates the profound significance of this moment in His Eternal Work.

How I Fell in Love with Godvideo (video)
January 2010

Tom Williams, a former clergyman, tells the story of how his life was transformed as he sought true spiritual growth and discovered Avatar Adi Da's remarkable wisdom.

The Master Is The Meansaudio (audio)
November 2009

In two excerpts from the CD "The Master Is The Means ", Avatar Adi Da communicates that the Divine can be Realized only by Grace, not through any effort of seeking. And He confesses His own Actionless and egoless Condition, effective now and forever as such Grace.

The Aletheon - an introductionvideo (video)
November 2009

Publication of Avatar Adi Da's final, pristine Revelation-text, The Aletheon, with excerpts from the text and commentary on its creation — including a video presentation by Avatar Adi Da's senior editorial assistant, and extraordinary footage of Avatar Adi Da working on The Aletheon.

Human History Is One Great Traditionvideoaudio (audio and video)
September 2009

In response to a devotee's question about Spiritual Transmission, Avatar Adi Da discusses how the various schools of religious and Spiritual expression fit within one "Great Tradition".

Enter the Inherently Fearless Conditionvideo(video)
July 2009

In this video segment, taken from the Easy Death DVD, Avatar Adi Da describes the choice we face: to live in fear, the "native mood of the ego" — or to realize the profundity of the inherently fearless Condition.

Cracking the Code of Experiencevideo(video)
June 2009

Avatar Adi Da Samraj explores how memory works and describes the mind as a kind of "cyberspace" or electronic medium that operates the machine of the body-mind.

The Quest for the Historical Selfvideo(video)
February 2009

In this video segment, Avatar Adi Da plays off the book title, The Quest of the Historical Jesus, by Albert Schweitzer, to propose that all human lives are a quest for the historical "self". He effectively exposes the fiction that is "I" (or the existence of a separate "self").

"Love Is How I Got To Here" audio(audio)
and "The God Who Truly Is"
January 2009

Avatar Adi Da describes the purpose of His Divine Avataric Incarnation. He explains how His Love and Blessing — which He gives to all beings — is personal and eternal, extending beyond the lifetime of His physical Form.

Adidam Podcastsvideoaudio (audio and video)
January 2008

Introducing audio and video podcasts - selections from discourses by Adi Da Samraj, now available through iTunes.

Transcendental Realismvideo(video)
November 2007

This article features a video introduction to the Image-Art of Adi Da Samraj and includes a rich selection of His images.

The Mummery Bookvideo(video)
October 2007

A special video about the Mummery Book, including commentary from Adi Da Samraj, footage from recent enactments and interviews with the First Room Sacred Theatre Guild as well as attendees.

Death and Dying -Two Discoursesaudio(audio)
June 2007

1. The Ultimate Outshining of Death: Adi Da communicates, with great passion and compassion, the only way to be truly Free of the sorrow from the loss of a loved one.

2. The Cosmic Mandala: Adi Da Samraj speaks about transcending the mechanism of attention and, thereby, allowing the intuition of the Bliss of the Divine Condition — in the death process and in life.

The Divine Is Not the Causevideo(video)
April 2007

Adi Da Samraj speaks about the true nature of the ego — which, He says, is not an independent entity, but an activity we are doing.

Transcend the Self-Knot of Fearvideo(video)
December 2006

Adi Da Samraj discusses fear as the root-emotion of egoity — the sense of separateness. His Instruction to us is that the ultimate fear is the fear of losing the self.

The Blessing Darshan of Avatar Adi Da Samrajvideo(video)
July 2005

This article in our "From the Editor" department includes video footage from occasions of the Blessing Darshan of Avatara Da and many photographs taken during His Arrival at The Mountain of Attention Sanctuary in northern California, June 2005.

The Sphere Of My Inherent Radiancevideo(video)
November 2004

In this historic Talk, Adi Da Samraj discourses on the "great matter" of His Spiritual Transmission, which He describes as transcending space-time and occurring in the "True Realm of Reality".

Photographs from the book: Adi Da, The Authorized Concise Biography of Avatar Adi Da Samraj
January 2004

These photos are taken from the entire range of Adi Da's life, from early childhood through His recent return to His Fijian Hermitage Ashram.

Photographs: Adi Da Samraj, at the Da Love-Ananda Mahal Sanctuary in Hawaii, March and April, 2003
July 2003

A set of eight color photographs with enlargements, of the Adi Da Samraj, taken at His Hermitage Sanctuary on the island of Kauai.

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