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Adi Da Samraj Chosen as a Featured Artist

Photographer SmAvatar Adi Da Samraj is extending his Divinely Transformative spiritual work into the art world.

His Divine Image Art is now one of his primary vehicles to communicate the nature of Reality or that condition which is always already free.

Adi Da's sublime, paradoxical Image-Art was chosen from hundreds of submissions of museum quality work to be included in the world-renowned 2007 Venice Biennale Art Exhibition.

The transformative process enabled by His Art Works of "Transcendental Realism" is described by Avatar Adi Da:

I work to make images that go beyond, and even undermine, the conventions of "point of view". They allow the viewer to see and feel the "room", or the world, or reality, as it is, beyond the ego's self-reference.

And such images thereby become a non-verbal means of going beyond the fixed "point of view" of the ego, or the core presumption of separateness.

Ultimately, when "point of view" is transcended, there is no longer any "room" at all, but only love-bliss-brightness limitlessly felt, in vast unpatterned joy.

— Adi Da Samraj

For over a century, the bi-annual art exhibitions at the Venice Biennale have showcased avant-garde artistic trends, publicizing seminal work by modern art innovators such as Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque and Marc Chagall.

Contemporary artists participating in the 52nd International La Biennale di Venezia Art Exhibition (June 10 - Nov. 21, 2007) will expose their work to an international public audience of 320,000 annual visitors. 86 countries have been invited to take part in 2007 Venice Biennale.

How You Can Support This Major Event

We invite everyone who appreciates the beauty and profundity of Avatar Adi Da's Transformative, world-Blessing Image Art to take advantage of the unique opportunity to acquire a selection from the 2006 Limited Editions Portfolio, which is being offered in support of the Venice Biennale.

Full-color giclees1 offered in the new Limited Edition Portfolio are available for a limited period of time prior to the Venice Biennale installation.

This is a rare and unprecedented opportunity for the discerning investor to not only acquire these remarkable works but to also support our effort to bring Adi Da and his transformative art to the entire world.

To view a portfolio of these exquisite images and reserve a piece for your collection please visit the DaPlastique website.

Because of the overwhelming response to the Limited Edition Portfolio, some have sold out. If you wish to acquire any of the Images, we recommend that you act quickly.

You may call a Da Plastique representative for more information about purchasing Adi Da Samraj's Art, to view fabrications2 of the Work in a location near you, or to receive a copy of Adi Da's Limited Editions Portfolio brochure. Our representatives are listed below.

1. A giclee reproduction is generated from a high resolution scan and printed with archival quality pigment inks on canvas. This process provides a much higher degree of precision and color accuracy than any other means of reproduction.

2. Adi Da's Image Art is reproduced in large-scale fabrications that may be 75 inches (190 cm) tall or more, depending on the specific image involved.
Click here for a visual sense of the scale involved.

DaPlastique Representatives
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