It was clear as I stepped off the boat that His Divine Presence continued to Pervade His Island of Naitauba as It always had.




Beyond All Doubt

- by Donald Webley

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On November 27, 2008, on the Fijian island of Naitauba, Avatar Adi Da Samraj suddenly abandoned the Body. The relationship between the Divine Avatar's devotees and Avatar Adi Da has always been paradoxical.

The purpose of His Birth, Life, and Work, as He never ceased to remind us, was to Establish the Means for direct Communion with Him, the One Who utterly Transcends everything, including the mortal Form of His human body. Simultaneously, the Revelation of His Eternal Form was accomplished through and as His own human Form.

Thus, in the Reality-Way of Adidam — in common with ancient esoteric tradition, — Darshan, or sighting of the Guru, is prized above all else. And like all devotees who are thus Blessed, I have experienced such sightings of Avatar Adi Da as moments of joy and happiness without any equal whatsoever.

During the years of Avatar Adi Da's human Life, I was graced to spend considerable time in His Presence outside of such formal or "set-apart" occasions of Darshan. It is my experience and testimony that, even while apparently engaged in "ordinary" activity, Adi Da was always the same Perfect Presence of the Divine, and that the same happiness and joy were as fully Transmitted by Him then as in the "formal" occasions of Darshan.

The conjunction of Divinity and a human form is a constant Mystery of limitless Depth, that always moves His devotees into Communion with Him.

Avatar Adi Da had always said that He would take His Divine Mahasamadhi the instant His Work was done, neither a moment before nor a moment later, and that it would be sudden, that He would not foretell it, and that the time would not be foreseeable by devotees. So it was.

At the moment of His Passing, I was meditating in the Communion Hall of His Ashram on the northern California coast. I felt such a remarkable invasion of His very characteristic Blessing-Force that I determined to write to Him after the meditation.


Adi Da Samrajashram - Naitauba, Fiji

Of course, that was not to be. I left for His Hermitage Island of Naitauba on the earliest flight that was available to me, in a whirlwind of conflicting feelings. Even though I continued to feel His Presence very strongly in meditation and daily life, there was an open wound of loss and sadness.

My pilgrimage to Naitauba was, in my feeling, a necessary, but unwelcome obligation. I expected to be overwhelmed with sadness, and to be around others, likewise, drowning in sorrow. I wanted my visit to be brief. It was not to be so.

It was clear as I stepped off the boat that His Divine Presence continued to Pervade His Island of Naitauba as It always had. This was the experience of my fellow devotees as well.

So, while there was great sadness, it was commingled with great joy — the happiness of knowing that, yes, Avatar Adi Da's Divine Blessing utterly transcends and is victorious over death, as He had always Said It Is and would be.

It was also useful to me, in confirming His utter Mastery of all things manifest, to discover that — even though, as He had always warned us, He would leave without a word to us — He did leave many clear signs that, after His death, were, in retrospect, clear pointers that His Divine Mahasamadhi would follow shortly.

In the months that have followed, what was revealed on that pilgrimage to Naitauba has been confirmed: even though I catch myself looking at Avatar Adi Da's photograph, and realizing that I will never see Him in the flesh again, my intimacy with Him and the immediate availability of His Divine Blessing have not changed.

When I allow myself to feel the depth and profundity of His Gifts and of His Revelation, my heart breaks in gratitude that I am graced to have been granted a relationship to that One that is unthreatened by anything whatsoever, certainly not by death.

Help Naitauba Recover
from Cyclone Tomas


As Donald's story illustrates, the Island of Naitauba, Adi Da Samrajashram, has great Spiritual significance for devotees and, indeed, for all beings.

This unique Hermitage-Island is infused with Avatar Adi Da's Blessing and is, eternally, a potent Source of His Divine Transmission.

The sacred nature of Naitauba feels especially poignant in light of the fact that, in March 2010, the Island was hit by a powerful cyclone, leaving it in need of much healing and restoration.

If you are moved to do so, you can help.

Please visit to find out how you can participate in helping restore and preserve Adi Da Samrajashram for all — for all time.

Naitauba is a Divine Gift for the sake of everyone — not just for those who live here now, but a profound Gift to everyone.

I am happy for My devotees, and we are happy together. We can make a difference with this Place, this piece of Earth.

This Place is not just a piece of land but a piece of Life, a piece of Earth itself — a Chakra, a Center of Influence that could change the life of humankind.

What a Beauty! What a Grace! May all beings be Blessed! May the Island be Blessed!

— His Divine Presence
Avatar Adi Da Samraj, 1983