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June 29, 2005 at
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Adi Da Samraj
June 29, 2005

Adi Da Samraj
July 1, 2005

Adi Da Samraj
July 3, 2005

From the Editor

The Blessing Darshan
— of —
Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Blessing Darshan of Avatar Adi Da Samraj

by Bill Gottlieb, editor
The Adidam Revelation

I wrote this article in July of 2005, while living near The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary of Adidam — where Avatar Adi Da Samraj was in residence. I revised it in September of 2005 and again in February of 2006.

During those blessed months while He was in residence, I received Avatara Da's "Darshan" — the devotional sighting of His Divine Human Form — dozens of times.

I was in front of Him when the video footage and photographs that accompany this article were taken. And so were hundreds of other formal devotees of Avatara Da, people who have taken an "Eternal Vow" of devotion to Him, and who practice His ego-surrendering, ego-forgetting, ego-transcending Way, His Way of Divine Self-Realization, His Way of Adidam.

And so were hundreds of people who were not formal devotees, but who acknowledged Avatara Da as a Divinely-Awake Spiritual Master.

These people had made a pilgrimage to The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary, in northern California, to receive His Blessing Darshan while He was in residence there. Many who recognized Him and responded to Him during those months found that Avatar Adi Da's Darshan changed their lives.

During His more than 30 years of Teaching and Blessing, Avatar Da has Granted His Darshan almost exclusively to those who are His formal devotees. He has always taught that His Darshan is truly useful for individuals who practice The Way of Adidam: who approach Him in a disposition of devotion and surrender, and who practice disciplines that prepare the body and mind to receive His Liberating Transmission of Love-Bliss and Conscious Light.

However, because of the need of the world, during those months Avatar Adi Da Granted His Blessing Darshan to respectful and grateful members of the public who were not formal practitioners of the Way of Adidam.

The criteria for receiving Avatara Da's Darshan during that time were:

  • Understanding Avatar Adi Da to be a Divinely-Realized Spiritual Master
  • Being a serious religious or spiritual practitioner, of a balanced and benign disposition, who gratefully and humbly wants and needs to come into Avatar Adi Da's Divine Company for His Blessing
  • Being open to the possibility of cultivating an ongoing devotional and Spiritual relationship with Him, by possibly coming under vow in the Way of Adidam

And so, many people who had been reading His Wisdom-Teaching . . . and who were known in one of the regional communities of devotees found throughout the world . . . and who had already participated in events or retreats or seminars for the public . . . were invited to participate in a weekend retreat at The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary in northern California.

On many occasions during those retreats, an invitation was offered to receive Avatara Da's Darshan.

However, Darshan was not then and never can be guaranteed for anyone. Avatar Adi Da is spontaneous and free. He lives without plan, responding to every one and every thing, every where and every when. And as the photos and video footage that accompany this article record, the occasions of His Blessing-Darshan during that period were exquisitely profound.

Although this particular opportunity is no longer available, Avatar Adi Da is offering the opportunity of a spiritual relationship to Him at all times. If you are moved by this possibility and are not already known in one of the regional communities of the devotees of Avatar Adi Da, I urge you to make that connection now.

As you begin to participate, you can prepare for the living relationship to Avatar Adi Da — in whatever form He Makes available for you in any moment. Please visit our worldwide list of events to discover events and Adidam centers near you.

In love, and in service to
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
and His world-Blessing-Work,
Bill Gottlieb

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Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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