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2014 ADIDAM™ Sacred History Wall Calendar

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Sample Images and Quotations

Calendar One

New York, 1941


Every thing and every one is Included in Me—and, yet, every thing and every one is Transcended in Me. Such Is the Uniqueness of My Divine Avataric Incarnation here.

—His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da

“I Am One”, The Aletheon

Even in the parch of you-invented wilderness of friendless harm, this body—born to here in My First Room, to Bless the deadly world—is always herein Blessed to lie Awake, upon the earnest of My poor bed of institution’s wood. And My thus only bed is far too soft for such as you, who are too fleshed to feel the surface of the lake My heart is laid upon.

—His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da

The Scapegoat Book


Calendar Four

Los Angeles, 1973

Calendar Two

New York, 1948


Behold the Right and Perfect Emperor of all true art and life— the Orphic Icon that is heart itself—that makes the free and ancient culturing of virtue’s humankind in mortal time of Realest Light.

— His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da

Transcendental Realism

Now (and forever hereafter), I Am Established in My Own House. . . . My House Is the Divine Self-Domain, the “Bright”, the White Sphere (or “Midnight Sun”) Forever in the Center of conditional existence. That Is My House.

—His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da

“The Divine Avataric Self-Revelation of Adidam Ruchiradam”

The Aletheon


Calendar Three

Adi Da Samrajashram, 1988

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Sacred Calendar 2014

— from The Dawn Horse Press —

The 2014 ADIDAM™ Sacred History Wall Calendar

· A total of 25 frameable images.

· Quotations from Avatar Adi Da’s Word honor and proclaim the profound Import of His Birth in this world.

· Each page chronicles significant dates in Adidam Sacred History.

· Color-coded entries include Adidam Holy Days, Events from Adi Da Samraj’s Life and Teaching-Work, and much more.

· Holy Month descriptions to learn about each month’s sacred significance.

· Introduction to the Sacred Cycle of worship for devotees of Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

· Price just reduced by 50% (originally $29.95).