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Febuary 2014

The 2014 ADIDAM™ Sacred History Wall Calendar celebrates the 75 th Jayanthi or Birth Day of His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj. View never-before published photographs of Adi Da from the calendar, plus quotations that honor the import of His Birth.

July 2005

In June of 2005, Avatar Adi Da Samraj traveled to The Mountain of Attention Sanctuary in northern California. This article offers an opportunity for the devotional sighting of the Divine Human Body of Avatara Da.

and the Spiritual Reality That Transcends It
January 2004

In a very real sense, everyone got diagnosed on September 11. Life is brief and mortal, and you cannot make it be not brief and mortal. You can only change the purposes by which you live it, and stop living for egoic purposes.

July 2003

The secret of the Guru tradition is that all the religious externalities that make up the fabric of life as a devotee - meditation, study, yoga, cooperative living, sacred art - are merely extensions of the direct relationship to the Guru. Adi Da is both the Source and the Giver of Spiritual Realization.

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