ARCHIVE - The Divine Leela

ARCHIVE - The Divine Leela

2 NaitaubaReturn to Naitauba and a Devotee's Death

May 2003 - Aug 2003
In May of 2003, Avatar Adi Da Samraj left Da Love-Ananda Mahal, His Hermitage on the island of Kauai in Hawaii, and traveled to Adidam Samrajashram, His Hermitage Retreat Sanctuary on the Fijian island of Naitauba (pronounced "Ny-tum-ba").

1 SanctuaryFrom Da Love-Ananda Mahal

August 2002 - May 2003
After arriving in August 2002 at His Kauai Hermitage, Da Love-Ananda Mahal, Avatar Adi Da began intensive work in three areas – advancing His extraordinary photographic artwork, completing the primary text of His written Teaching, and initiating a new retreat process for His devotees.

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