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The Reality-Way of Adidam

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The Three Dimensions
of the Reality-Way of Adidam

Given by His Divine Presence,
Avatar Adi Da Samraj

(From Part Two of The Reality-Way of Adidam)

Avatar Adi Da Samraj has Given a Way that, in essence, is supremely simple. From beginning to end, that Way is the ever-deepening devotional recognition of Him — as the Revelation of the Love-Blissful Truth of Reality Itself.

When one devotionally recognizes Avatar Adi Da, one is immediately moved to demonstrate the devotional response to Him. That heart-movement — of devotionally recognizing Avatar Adi Da and devotionally responding to Him — is lived and expressed through the three fundamental dimensions of the Reality-Way of Adidam.

These three dimensions — which are practiced throughout the entire course of the Reality-Way of Adidam — are described in Part Two [of The Reality-Way of Adidam].

These fundamental dimensions are never to be engaged as any kind of "technique" to "get somewhere" in one's practice of Adidam. Rather, they are simply the "evidence" of the fundamental process of devotional recognition and devotional response.

The First Dimension
"Radical" Devotion

The Root-Practice of Heart-Beholding Avatar Adi Da Samraj,
Who Is the Revelation of Reality Itself

The foundation of the Reality-Way of Adidam is always "radical" devotion to Avatar Adi Da Samraj, Who is recognized at heart to be the Revelation of Reality Itself — both in His human Form and in His Eternal Divine Form.

Such devotion is "radical" because it is a spontaneous response to Avatar Adi Da with every faculty of the body and mind, and is resonant with Him at the very "root" of the being, prior to the presumption of a separate self.

Once devotional turning to Him is fully established, it becomes a moment to moment devotional Communion that Avatar Adi Da calls "searchless Beholding" of Him.

The Second Dimension
Right Life

Re-Patterning the Energies of the Total Body-Mind

In devotional response to Avatar Adi Da Samraj, through fulfillment of His Instruction, the devotee lives a comprehensive discipline of right life based on the non-seeking disposition Revealed in devotional Communion with Him.

This includes specific practices relative to all aspects of practical and relational life — including money, food, sexuality, and social relations — as well as a sacred life of meditation, worship, and service in cooperative association with other devotees of Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

Through this life — founded in the equanimity of Communion with Avatar Adi Da Samraj — the being is purified of ego-patterning and becomes more deeply available to Avatar Adi Da's Blessing and Transmission.

The Third Dimension
"Perfect Knowledge"

Priorly Standing in the egoless Reality-Position

Adi Da Samraj Calls His devotee who is founded in devotional recognition-response to Him and who is living right life to intensively "consider" and be established in the "Perfect Knowledge" of Reality Itself.

He makes this Offering first via rudimentary and "preliminary" forms of listening-practice for His beginning devotees — and, ultimately, for mature practitioners, via a "Perfect Practice" — of "Perfect Knowledge".

In devotional Communion with Avatar Adi Da, it is Revealed that no "object" or "knowledge" or "subject" or "point of view" is True or Real — but, rather, Reality Itself is Shown as the Prior and egoless Condition that is Always Already the Case.

Even from the earliest moment of the embrace of Adidam, these three aspects of Avatar Adi Da's Reality-Way are both the means and the demonstration of ego-transcending devotional Communion with Him: In recognition-response to Avatar Adi Da Samraj, identification with the separate body-mind-self is transcended, and He Reveals the Prior Freedom of His Reality-State.

Part Three is a description of how, in the Transcendental Spiritual process of Adidam, these three dimensions are the searchless basis on which Avatar Adi Da's Transcendental Spiritual Grace Awakens Realization of His Reality-State.

"Radical" devotion to Me is right and true devotional recognition of Me, always responsively whole bodily turning to Me and searchlessly "self"-surrendering to Me — on Sight.

Right life is straightforward obedience to Me, without reservations (or "looking right and left").

The preliminary practice of "Perfect Knowledge" is the attentive Listening to My Divine Avataric Revelation-Instruction relative to Reality Itself — Which Is Always Already The (One and Only) Case, and Which Is Self-Evidently Divine (As Is).

"Radical" devotion to Me, right-life obedience to Me, and "Perfect Knowledge" of Me are — all three — implicit (or Always Already Given, by and As Me) in right and true devotional (and, in due course, Transcendental Spiritual) Communion with Me (As I Am).

— His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj
"Acausal Adidam",
The Aletheon


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Reality Way Cover The Reality-Way of Adidam
The Divine Process That Outshines All Seeking
in the Perfect Freedom of Reality Itself

At heart, everyone yearns for a Truth that transcends the mortal suffering of life. Everyone intuits, in one way or another, that such Truth exists.

Adidam is, fundamentally, and always, the mysterious and Transformative relationship to Adi Da Samraj.

He is the One who has demonstrated and communicated the means whereby living beings can participate in the egoless Reality that is Truth.

In this book you will read about:
  • Who Avatar Adi Da Samraj Is, the import of His human lifetime, and the nature of the Blessing He Eternally offers
  • What the relationship to Adi Da Samraj entails and the nature of discovering Him as one's Guru
  • Why "radical" devotion, right life, and "Perfect Knowledge" are the key pillars of the Way Adi Da gives
  • What the congregations of Adidam are and how they relate to the unfolding process of Awakening in Avatar Adi Da's Company
  • How Adidam is placed in the context of the Great Spiritual Tradition of humankind

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