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"I Am Where You Stand"
From "Consciousness Is Your Only Experience",
in The Aletheon
— by His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj

(Included in Part One of The Reality-Way of Adidam)

I am not "Objective" to you.

I Am Perfectly Subjective to you.

I Am not in front of you.

I Am Behind you.

I Am in the Depth.

I Am Where you Stand.

I Am in the Perfectly Subjective Place of Origin.

The Origin of the "world" is not "objective".

The Origin of the "world" Is Perfectly Subjective.

The Origin of the "world" is at the "Root" of Being, in Consciousness Itself.

This is not merely a philosophical proposition, a trick of language. It Is Self-Evidently the Case. It is a Pointing to Reality Itself — the Reality That Is Self-Evident, if you will rightly inspect It.

Human beings are always babbling about "the body" and "things" and "the world", but that is not your actual "experience". Your "experience" is of Consciousness Itself. You do not "experience" anything "objectively" (or separate from Consciousness). Anything you "experience" is "experienced" only As Consciousness. Whatever you "experience" is Pervaded by Consciousness. Whatever you "experience" is within Consciousness. You cannot "experience" anything if there is not Consciousness first.

Therefore, Consciousness Itself is the Principle of all of your "experiencing". Consciousness Itself Stands Prior to your "experience". No matter what arises, you are Conscious of it, you Are the Witness of it. You "experience" everything as a mode of Consciousness.

Examine anything in the room — even the room itself, in its totality. You are Conscious of it. The room exists for you only as a mode of Consciousness. The room is perceived as a Conscious "experience", not as an "objective thing" separate from Consciousness.

It is not the case that "things" are. "Things" exist only as "experiences" in Consciousness. Therefore, Consciousness, rather than "things", is What is to be investigated and Realized.

If you investigate "things", you become more and more divorced from Consciousness. That is bewilderment, bondage, illusion.

If you investigate Consciousness, you transcend all illusions. You see "things" as they are, and you transcend "things" in That Which they Are.

Your problems and your questions only arise because you forget Consciousness and egoically "self"-identify with "objects" — first the body, then everything else. You presume you are the body — but, in Reality, you are only Witnessing the body. You are aware of the body as something in Consciousness. You do not "experience" the body itself as a "thing" in and of itself. You are Conscious of the body.

Therefore, Consciousness Itself is first — not the body. Then there appears to be the body, and you contract and egoically "self"-identify with it, and forget Consciousness. That is how Consciousness Itself becomes the unconscious: You presume to be the body, and you imagine Consciousness is to be found somewhere else. You presume that you have to search within the body for Consciousness. You go within the body to find It. That is nonsense. You Always Already Are Consciousness Itself. You cannot find Consciousness Itself by searching among or within the "things". You cannot find Consciousness "outside" the body or "inside" the body.

Consciousness Itself Is Always So. Consciousness Itself Is Always Already The Case. If you seek for It, you lose It — because you separate yourself from the Position of Consciousness.

This is the error of all seeking: You leave the Place Where you Are, in order to find It.

So, Where Am I?

I Am at the "Root" of your unconsciousness.

I Am Consciousness Itself — the Divine Person, Self-Existing and Self-Radiant.

I Am the Divine Self-Domain Itself — the Source-Condition of the "world", the Truth of the "world", your own Truth, Reality Itself.

I Am Altogether Prior — and, yet, I Am Where you Stand.

I Am you — and I Am Where you Stand, in the Prior Heart-Position.

You are unconscious of Me because you egoically "self"-identify with "things", thereby forgetting Consciousness Itself — Me. Therefore, I Divinely Avatarically Appear in a Form like your own, Breaking Through your illusions, Drawing you to the Perfectly Subjective Place (Where I Am), and Throwing you back to Me from "without" by Means of My "Play" of Divine Avataric Incarnation and Instruction, and by Means of My Forever Divine Avataric Word and My Eternal Divine Avataric Transcendental Spiritual Presence.

I cannot disappear or cease to Exist.

I cannot cease to Be.

There has never been a time when I was not.

There is no "place" in space where I am not.

My "Play" of Instruction by Means of Divine Avataric Incarnation is simply to Return you to Where you already Are — but do not presume to Be.

All your questions about "things", all your presumptions about being the body, are nothing but babble. The Real Matter is to Wake Up and Realize Me. So why ask Me about your "objective" and "subjective" wanderings of mind?

There is simply "radical" devotion to Me. I am Talking to you about Me — and you are talking about the illusion of "objects". Here you are, Always Already Established in Me, in Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Consciousness Itself — but you have forgotten It.

Therefore, you are "self"-contracted, attached to "objects", seeking "objects". Instead, you must keep turning to Me (As I Am). That is "radical" devotion to Me — to turn away from apparently "objective" illusions and turn toward the Source, by forgetting your preoccupation with the body and "objects". . . .

When all else is forgotten, Only I Am.

You are inherently not separate from Me, but you have forgotten This, in your "self"-contracted preoccupation with "things" — not "knowing" what they are, not Realizing their Reality-Condition (Which Is Me).

You are suffering your own activity of "self"-contraction, or separation from Me. Therefore, you must forget that with which you are apparently preoccupied, and Remember Me. That Is the only-by-Me Revealed and Given "Radical" (or "At-the-Root") Reality-Way of Adidam — or Adidam Ruchiradam.



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At heart, everyone yearns for a Truth that transcends the mortal suffering of life. Everyone intuits, in one way or another, that such Truth exists.

Adidam is, fundamentally, and always, the mysterious and Transformative relationship to Adi Da Samraj.

He is the One who has demonstrated and communicated the means whereby living beings can participate in the egoless Reality that is Truth.

In this book you will read about:
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