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"Radical" Transcendentalism

The Non-"Religious", Post-"Scientific",
and No-Seeking Reality-Way of Adidam

by Avatar Adi Da Samraj


R Trans IconThe Master of Perfect Means

An introduction to
"Radical" Transcendentalism
by Megan Anderson

Between the covers of this book, there are words that communicate great philosophical and practical import.

But, like the fullest experience of a great work of art, to come upon the words of Adi Da Samraj is to participate in an event that cannot be encompassed by language.

"Radical" Transcendentalism is inherently a paradox — a description of the Indescribable, an expression of that which must be directly experienced and known to be truly understood. In the most fundamental sense, then, this book itself is only a vehicle for "meeting" the One Who Speaks these words — and for discovering the Truth He has come to make plain to everyone.

The Illusion of Separate "Self"

Adi Da Samraj opens the first essay of "Radical" Transcendentalism with a liberating analysis of "religion" as "illusionism". Then, lest we resort to rationality and scientific "knowledge" as a superior methodology, He further exposes the even more basic illusion of the presumptions of "self"-as-"subject" and "world"-as-"object".

We think that the existence of "self" and "world" is a self-evident fact — they are such a basic part of our experience that we do not even question them. But this is truly only because we participate in a constant language-mind-game to define and reinforce them. All the cultures and pursuits of humankind — ancient and modern — have buttressed the illusion of separate "self" and separate "world".

In regard to Reality Itself, or the Ultimate Nature of manifest existence, science has no more fundamental truth than the magical explanations of religion, because it is built on the same misapprehension.

Both secular science and conventional (or merely exoteric) "God"-religion are based upon the two common faults of humankind — egoity and the non-Recognition of the Real Nature (or One-Reality-Condition — or Perfectly Subjective, and Perfectly non-objective, Nature) of phenomenal experience (and of conditional existence, itself).

Likewise, both secular science and conventional "God"-religion also (and equally) support and serve the illusions of humankind, rather than the need for humankind to Realize (and to Demonstrate) Reality, Truth, and Real (Acausal) God.

— Adi Da Samraj
Real God Is The Indivisible Oneness of Unbroken Light

"Radical" Transcendentalism

As the subtitle of this book indicates, Adi Da Samraj is offering a "non-'religious' and post-'scientific'" Revelation of Reality, coincident with a "radical" understanding about the nature of the "self" we presume to be. The separate "self" (or ego-"I") is, He says, not something we are being. Rather, the separate "self" (or ego-"I") is something we are doing. Or, as Adi Da has said countless times, "The ego is not an entity, but an activity."

The fundamental activity of the ego is what Adi Da describes as "self"-contraction. Presuming to be a separate (and, therefore, inherently threatened) "someone", every human being contracts (physically, emotionally, mentally, and with the breath) in the face of the apparent threat of everything "other".

However, that activity of contraction is not inherent to the being. That activity of "self"-contraction is something each human being is doing in reaction to his or her (real or presumed) experience. Adi Da has used the analogy of "self"-inflicted pain to describe this "self"-contracting activity:

It is as if you are pinching yourself, without being aware of it. You are creating a constant background-pain. And, worse than the pain, you are creating a continuous modification — "mind", which conscious awareness (mistakenly) identifies as itself.

The more you observe all of this, the more you stop pinching yourself, and (therefore) the more you (spontaneously, and intelligently) abandon your search.

— His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj
My "Bright" Word

Avatar Adi Da's Reality-Way of Adidam is the Way of the "radical" transcending of this contraction — analogous to removing your hand from the "pinch". Only when such "radical" transcending of the ego is the case is it possible to truly "Know" (or Intrinsically Intuit) Reality Itself.

Adi Da uses the words "Radical" and "Transcendentalism" in the title of this book with their simple and core meanings — and without reference to historical philosophies and writings, such as those of Kant or Emerson. The "Transcendental" is Reality Itself, or, literally, "That Which is Beyond" — in other words, That Which is Beyond (and Prior To) all "experience" (whether physical, emotional, mental, psychic, mystical, or even the core-sense of separate "self"-existence). "Radical" literally means "at the root" (or "most fundamental").

Thus, in Adi Da's language, "radical" refers to the "root"-means (or most fundamental means) whereby the Transcendental is directly "located".


— from The Dawn Horse Press —

R Transcendentalism Cvr "Radical" Transcendentalism

The Non-"Religious", Post-"Scientific",
and No-Seeking Reality-Way of Adidam

It is possible to live on the basis of the "Perfect Knowledge" of Reality in the context of apparent "self" and "world". It is possible to know Transcendental and Spiritual Truth through Avatar Adi Da's Transmission-Gift.

6x9 paperback
282 pages


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