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The Way of Perfect Knowledge

Introduction - Part 3
by Carolyn Lee, PhD

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The Twofold Practice of "Radical" Devotion

Such is the Realization of the Avataric Great Sage, Adi Da Samraj, and such is also the nature of His Spiritual Transmission to others. This great Transmission of the "Bright" is Granted in the circumstance of the devotional relationship to Avatar Adi Da.

It is not possible — as He repeatedly states in this book — to simply "work towards" the Most Perfect Knowledge of Reality, or, otherwise, merely declare It to be so. That Knowledge must be Given, directly Transmitted, from the Source.

Avatar Adi Da is always Radiating His Inherently "Bright" Condition — but, before His devotee can become fully available to His Spiritual Transmission, "radical" self-understanding must unlock the self-contracted body-mind, and let Him in.

This most fundamental capability to transcend egoity, moment to moment, is also a Gift of His Grace that awakens on the basis of profound preparation. Avatar Adi Da has described two fundamental root-practices that are the basis of this right preparatory (or "preliminary") process.

The first root-practice is devotional heart-Communion with Him — by heart-recognizing His "Bright" State and turning to Him with all the faculties of the being (mind, emotion, breath, and body).

No matter what emotions, thoughts, obstructions of breath, or knots of the body arise, the practice is to simply grant whole bodily feeling-attention to Adi Da Samraj, rather than struggle with any of the contents of experience.

Eventually, this devotional turning is established to the degree of what Adi Da Samraj Calls "searchless Beholding" of Him — the constant, effortless capability of heart-Communion with Him.

This devotional Communion is itself the availability to receive His Gift of Spiritual Transmission. As He has said, "When you are turned to Me, you are in the situation wherein you can come to ‘Know' Me Spiritually".

True devotion to Me is (necessarily) ego-transcending. True devotion to Me does not relate to Me as an egoic "other". Only the profoundest heart-recognition of Me can establish profoundest devotion to Me.

— Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The second root-practice, adopted once a basic foundation of devotional turning to Avatar Adi Da is in evidence, is what Avatar Adi Da Calls "the preliminary practice of ‘Perfect Knowledge'".

For His devotee who is yet identified with the structures of the apparently separate being, and is thus divorced from the "Perfect Knowledge" of Reality Itself, Avatar Adi Da has Given a means to undermine the presumption of separate "ego-self".

In the form of a simple enquiry into any arising moment — whatever "objects" appear, or whatever form of "knowledge" is experienced — the preliminary practice of "Perfect Knowledge" directly "finds" That Which is not an "object", That Which Is the "Knower" of all "knowledge".

Thus recognizing Avatar Adi Da's Divine State of "Perfect Knowledge" to Be Reality Itself, you are Granted an intuitive glimpse of That State as your True Condition, Prior to all arising "objects" and "knowledge".

Ultimately, by Grace of Avatar Adi Da's Spiritual Transmission of the "Bright", "Perfect Knowledge" becomes a permanent Realization, beyond the "point of view" of any experience in the context of the faculties of the body-mind.

There are no egos in Reality Itself — none. It is not that Adidam is a Way in which you overcome egoity by a process of "wearing it down" — as if emptying water from a boat with a bucket, such that you eventually succeed in getting all of the water out of the boat. There is no water in the boat.

There is no ego in the body-mind. There is no ego in Reality Itself. The ego does not, in Reality, exist. There is no separate entity — and the preliminary "Perfect Knowledge" practice points to the non-existence of the presumed-to-be-separate self.

— Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Much of this fifth volume of the "Perfect Knowledge" Series is devoted to the exposition of these two fundamental root-practices — because it is through this uniquely Given, twofold process in relationship with Avatar Adi Da Samraj that the Way of "Perfect Knowledge" is established and fulfilled.

There can be no true devotion without heart-recognizing the Non-Separate Divine State of Adi Da Samraj, the One to Whom you are turning.

There can be no true understanding of Reality without devoting the entire being to That Which Is Reality Itself.

There can be no Awakening to the "Perfect Practice" Prior to the body-mind without the Grace-Given Spiritual Gift of the Avataric Great Sage, Adi Da Samraj.


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The Way Of Perfect Knowledge

The "Radical" Practice of Transcendental
Spirituality in the Way of Adidam
by the Avataric Great Sage,
Adi Da Samraj

There is no "problem".
No search is necessary.
All seeking is Priorly dissolved — in the Intrinsic Transcendental Spiritual Self-Apprehension of Reality Itself (or the Intrinsically Self-Evident Real Self-Condition Itself).
— The Avataric Great Sage,
Adi Da Samraj

6x9 paperback, 268 pages
ISBN: 1-57097-213-3