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Not-Two Is Peace

By the World-Friend, Adi Da


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Anthroposphere (continued)

(The Natural Zone of Necessary Human Responsibility)
— A First Word About The Unified Global Ecology of
The Necessary New Mode of Human Civilization
from Not-Two Is Peace
By the World-Friend, Adi Da


Humankind must wake up. Humanity is now one — and there truly is only one "boat". Everybody is face-to-face now, and the chaotic results of humankind's dis-united and separative (and, altogether, ego-like) activities are, in fact, undermining the natural order on which everybody was able to depend until the last two hundred years, before human intervention started seriously changing the natural Earth-situation itself.

Ego is ruling — but ego has always ruled. The problem is that, now, ego is ruling in a totally different kind of situation, in which ego has the power to destroy not only humankind as a whole, but even the natural order of the Earth-world.

To imagine that a separate absolute Deity is in charge of the current chaos and suffering in the human world and in the Earth-world is to indulge in ignorance. Human beings themselves have intervened. Whatever the origins of the Earth-world are altogether, the natural domain is now being interfered with by human beings, in this time in which humankind has a total effect on the natural world. Therefore, humankind must not merely appeal to a parent-like "God" to change the situation. The Perfectly egoless Absolute That Is Reality Itself "Expects" (or Intrinsically "Requires") humankind to change its own act.

Human beings are causing negative events in both the natural world and the political world — because human beings are still mentally indulging in "tribalism", while (in actuality) they are globally face-to-face and in "one boat". The ancient "tribal" mode of human culture — in which human beings live in units that are, effectively, collective forms of egoity, living in conflict with one another — is what must stop.

It is not merely that, suddenly, there are negative happenings in the world. There have always been negative happenings in the world. What is new is that the world is now in a different condition from anything that has existed previously. There is now a new situation for humankind — indeed, a new situation for all of Earthkind, and for the Earth itself. This new condition, wherein humankind exists as a totality in which all are interconnected, must be acknowledged and acted upon.

This new situation requires a profound transformation of human consciousness and human activity. Thus, the communication I am making in Not-Two Is Peace is not simply a response to current events, in the sense of the "daily news" of the moment. I am addressing the altogether-new situation that exists for humankind and for the Earth itself — a situation that requires a new kind of politics, a new kind of global human order.

In this new global human order, principles representing the totality of humankind, and the Earth as a whole, must become the means whereby human living is conducted all over the Earth. This will require a kind of global "revolution" — but the root-cause of the "revolution" has already happened.

The "revolution" that has already happened is the fact that everybody has already come together, face-to-face, and that the totality of everybody is everywhere affecting the Earth. Therefore, it is imperative that human consciousness catch up, and notice what has happened — and choose what must change.

The terrible problems that are occurring politically and naturally in the world today are the result of pattern-driven human unconsciousness. Human beings are continuing mechanically, trying to repeat modes of effort, even modes of thinking, that were workable — up to a point — in the past, but that are no longer workable now.

A new kind of human consciousness is required — based on the working-presumption of prior unity, and on an understanding of the indivisibly single world in which everyone is living. This involves not only the notion that there is such a single world, but it requires grasping the necessity for cooperation, and the necessity to function on the basis of an understanding that the Earth is a single system, and humankind (likewise) is a single whole.

Humankind must not be forced to function under some kind of totalitarian singleness. Rather, humankind must function cooperatively — in the sense that everyone is living together on Earth, and functioning through a mechanism of global principles that are benign and right and true.

Not-Two Is Peace is about the new method that must be brought to the already existing new global situation. That is the situation to which I have given utterance. The current situation is the result of human unconsciousness, of trying to function automatically on the basis of methods and patterns which applied in the past, but which no longer apply in the present. If the "old methods" are brought to bear in the current situation, they create chaos — human disorder and suffering, as well as chaos in the natural domain.

There is undeniable and inescapable proof in the every day of "daily news" that human beings are everywhere carrying on their activities in a manner that is not productive, and not workable. Humankind must, itself (and as a whole), become truly and rightly globalized. There must be the establishment of principles which serve the potential well-being of humankind as a whole, and which ensure that the Earth-domain itself is able to function soundly. Thus, a different method of human relatedness is required: the non-"tribal", or non-fragmented, method, in which the working-presumption is prior unity.



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Not Two Is Peace Not-Two Is Peace
The Ordinary People's Way of
Global Cooperative Order
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The World-Friend Adi Da wrote Not-Two Is Peace out of concern for humanity's current plight.

He points to the necessity of re-establishing human civilization based on principles of mutual trust, cooperation, tolerance, "prior unity", — and the limitless participation of all humankind in transforming its own destiny.


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