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Not-Two Is Peace

By the World-Friend, Adi Da


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Table of Contents for
Not-Two Is Peace

by Ervin Laszlo

Note on the Third Edition of Not-Two Is Peace

Part One
Principles Regarding a Global Cooperative Forum

Introduction to Part One
I. On The Dangers of The Old "Tribalisms",
and The Necessity For A Global Cooperative Forum
Based On The Prior Unity of Humankind
II. On The Necessity To Give Institutional Form
To The Principle of Prior Unity
III. On Competition, Prior Unity, and Self-Management
IV. On Globalizing Humankind On A Cooperative Basis
V. On Non-Cooperation With What Is Wrong
and On Mobilizing The Human Totality Based On
The Self-Evident Truth of Prior Unity
VI. On Establishing Rules of Participation
For A Global Cooperative Order
VII. On Zero-Point Education

Part Two
Not-Two Is Peace

I. Anthroposphere
(The Natural Zone of Necessary Human Responsibility) —
A First Word About The Unified Global Ecology
of The Necessary New Mode of Human Civilization
II. Humankind Is Literally One Family
III. C + T = P: Formula For World Peace
IV. On Liberation From ego and egoic Society
V. The Time-Tested Politics of Unity and
The Anti-Civilization Politics of Individuation
VI. Reality-Politics For Ordinary Men and Women
VII. The ego-Culture of Desire and
The ego-Transcending Culture of Love
VIII. The Healing Power of Cooperative Human Community
IX. Only Rightness Makes Justice True
X You The People:
On The Necessity of A Global Cooperative
Order of The All of Humankind
XI. Wash All The Flags (and Leave All Name-Tags
and Placards At The Door)
XII. To Take Moral Responsibility Is
To Make Reactivity Harmless
XIII. The Global Necessity For
Universal Rules of Participation
XIV. Everybody-All-At-Once
XV. The Dual Basis For Right and True Oneness
XVI. Zero-Point Education
XVII. Right Life Transcends The Three Great Myths
of Human ego-Culture
XVIII. The Global Celebration of Light-In-Everybody
XIX. Reality-Humanity
Self-Liberated From The Stave In The Wheels
XX. Two Is Not-Peace
XXI. 723
The Free Declaration of The Universal Moral, Social,
and Political Laws of True and Necessary Civilization
XXII. Is-Peace

Part Three
Reality Itself Is One and Only

I. The Three Great Principles of All Truth
II. Language-Based Knowledge Vs.
Reality-Based Knowledge
III. There Is Only Reality Itself — Which Is Real God —
and No Other Is At All
IV. The Intrinsic Power To Righten
V. Always Be What and all That Is Not-"self"
VI. The Zero-Point and The Infinite State
VII. The Truth of Prior Unity Is The Intrinsic
Self-Revelation of Reality Itself
VIII. What Is No-"point-of-view" Is all-and-All

I Am Here To Awaken A Bright New Age
of Global Humankind

Final Word
Something New Must Emerge
Adi Da's Final Address to Humankind
(Spoken on the Day That He Passed from the Body,
November 27, 2008)

The World-Friend Adi Da
Glossary of Terms and Phrases

of Not-Two Is Peace


— from The Dawn Horse Press —

Not Two Is Peace Not-Two Is Peace
The Ordinary People's Way of
Global Cooperative Order
= New, Expanded Third Edition =

The World-Friend Adi Da wrote Not-Two Is Peace out of concern for humanity's current plight.

He points to the necessity of re-establishing human civilization based on principles of mutual trust, cooperation, tolerance, "prior unity", — and the limitless participation of all humankind in transforming its own destiny.


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