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The Mummery Book

A Parable Of The Divine True Love,
Told By Means Of A Self-Illuminated Illustration
Of The Totality Of Mind

by Askold Skalsky


Mummery SmThis introduction to Avatar Adi Da's master work The Mummery Book was written by Askold Skalsky, MA, a Professor of English at Hagerstown Community College (Maryland) and a longtime devotee of Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

It includes recent commentary given by Avatara Da in November 2005 on the supernormal Revelatory process that produced the this literary tour de force.


by Askold Skalsky, MA
Professor of English
Hagerstown Community College (Maryland)

The appearance of The Mummery Book, by Adi Da Samraj, signals a remarkable occasion in the world of literature. The Mummery Book is the depiction in literary form of the state of radical nonduality.

It is a novel in the mode of a vast parable, in which mystical and esoteric states of awareness are fleshed in poetic imagery. It is an experimental work — what Adi Da Samraj calls a "prose opera" — that shatters the conventional limits of language and raises literary portrayal to radical levels of consciousness.

It is a revelation of the reader's actual condition of being. It is a communication of totality — it contains, understands, and transcends all meanings the mind can manufacture, in a multileveled process of simultaneous representations.

Adi Da began his work on The Mummery Book in 1957, when he spontaneously engaged the practice of recording his own conscious process — a practice which eventually became an intensive and constant discipline of observation, writing down his every perception and conception.

His intention was to use that written record as a means for creating a "literature of Real Consciousness." However, within a few years, this cumulative record had become so vast — amounting to tens of thousands of pages — that it was unworkable as a source of literature.

Therefore, in mid-1965, he burned the entire corpus, trusting that whatever might later form the basis of a literary work was now retained in mind.

In 1969, the profound archetypes and imagery generated during the period of intensive writing took form as The Mummery Book, which Adi Da Samraj wrote in an uninterrupted flow, over the brief period of three weeks. His life's work, of understanding and transcending the conventions of mind and experience, was exquisitely distilled in literary form.

But that process of distillation was to continue for another three decades and more. He maintained an unbroken observation of life and mind, which again informed his final elaboration and expansion of the original text, during the years 1996-2003.

And now The Mummery Book, a work representing forty-five years of sustained consideration, is completed. It is a wholly original literary masterwork.


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