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Searchless, Lawful Management of the Body


Green Gorilla IconSearchless, Lawful Management of the Body

An Essay by Avatar Adi Da Samraj


If the body (in combination with the natural bodily energy) is established in a lawful position through diet, the body will (generally speaking) heal itself. Some assistance may be necessary to apply, over time, to bodily conditions that are resistive to self-healing. In such cases, essentially natural—and, basically, dietary means—may be applied. However, when one presumes that the body is a "problem" to be "solved", rather than a system to be lawfully managed, then exaggerated and systematic efforts to "cure" the body only interfere with the body's self-healing ability.

Therefore, not only is there a right diet in the Reality-Way of Adidam, but also there is a right Teaching to be understood about the practice of health. That right Teaching is the searchless application of diet.

This present book is, therefore, quite thin—because it does not describe a cuisine, nor explain dietary principles in scientific language, nor offer dietary "cures" that propose to heal the body from without, rather than simply supporting the lawful management of the body.

Managing the body lawfully is not—and should not be—a search. Managing the body lawfully is simply a principle of right life. Trying to "cure" the body by adding certain foods or supplements to the diet in the attempt to make the body well is seeking, and not the principle of right diet that I recommend.

For instance, if anyone has signs of disease, those signs should obviously be monitored and the changes in the body observed. Yet what is there to do otherwise? Maintain a lawful bodily state. And what is that lawful condition? Through the practice of right-life obedience to Me, in a life of devotional and moment to moment turning to Me, the lawful condition of the body-mind-complex is to be discovered and its principles understood.

The lawful bodily state is established and maintained through the application of a diet of raw food, the practice of which is founded in the principle of no-seeking. As a general rule, if the body is established in a lawful position, the body (in conjunction with its natural energies) will righten itself. Therefore, in the Reality-Way of Adidam, the discipline of diet establishes the "position" of well-being of the body, and the practice of diet is not an exaggerated address to, or manipulation of, the body.

The healing arts of both naturopathy and allopathy have a role to play when conditions in the body are resistive to that kind of self-healing. It must be understood, however, that the conventional ego-based and search-bound approach to healing assumes that people are patients to whom all manner of "cure" must be applied. That approach is a conventional approach that is both ego-bound and bound by the search. By contrast, the right practice of well-being is based on a Transcendental Spiritual understanding. This is My Communication. Even when people otherwise recommend natural diet, they are not necessarily approaching diet with a true Transcendental Spiritual understanding (even if they think they are doing so). In general, even otherwise healthful dietary recommendations are dictated by the conventional, search-bound orientation and state of those who recommend them.

Gross and ego-bound views manifest in all kinds of ways, organizing themselves through notions of "problem" and "search". Right diet in the Reality-Way of Adidam is not based in "problem" and "search". Right diet in the Reality-Way of Adidam is based in lawfulness. Fundamentally, it is the practice of assuming that you do not have a problem of health. Rather, you have an obligation for health, and not a problem to be corrected. When the body’s functioning is limited in any way, yield the body to the lawful situation in which the condition may be set right, rather than presuming a problem and seeking a solution.

The practice of right diet in the Reality-Way of Adidam is a searchless practice—not a search for cure. The search for cure through diet—whether a raw diet or any other systematic approach to diet—is a fascinated preoccupation of many people in the present day. In the Reality-Way of Adidam, however, diet is simply an ordinary practice and an aspect of the larger practice of right-life discipline.

The first approach to all health issues is always to self-responsibly correct the body and apply lawful right discipline to it. Part of the process of the practice of right life in the Reality-Way of Adidam is time—one establishes the lawful practice and then allows the body time to show its signs. The process of right life is allowed to unfold, because through right discipline the body’s energies have been set free to show their lawful signs. However, the lawful practice of diet, and of health altogether, is a process of observation and examination, and is not necessarily spontaneously corrective of all health issues. The healing arts are an important aid to the body if resistive conditions are still observed in the body over time.

The obsessive and fanatical seeking-approach that looks for magic cures is not the approach I give to My devotees in the Reality-Way of Adidam. If there is to be well-being, the body must be yielded to its unified circumstance in the unity of its natural domain. How is that yielding accomplished? Simply by establishing the lawfulness of bodily discipline. The body is a food-process. In the traditions of India, the body is called the "food body". Fundamentally, it does not need to be cured. One needs simply to stop bothering the body with "self"-indulgent habits of life, stop throwing it out of balance, stop maintaining it unlawfully.

The principle of "searchlessness" relative to diet and well-being is unique to My Instruction to My devotees. I have Criticized seeking in all its forms since the first day of My formal Work of Teaching. Therefore, My Criticism of seeking applies to all the searches for cure, and all the fanaticism relative to diet that may be found in today’s marketplace.

People are always ready to work on their "problem", whatever it might be. In reality, you are your own "problem", and that is why you are always functioning as if you have one. The problem-free—or searchless—approach to discipline, rather than the search for a solution to a problem, is the principle of right-life practice in the Reality-Way of Adidam. This is not to imply that healing effects do not appear in the body when the principles of right diet are applied. Yes, healing may occur, but not because you have found the magic substance, the secret ingredient, for which you are always seeking. When you accept the discipline of lawfulness that I describe, healing is a spontaneous manifestation of the bodily life. Fundamentally, you leave the body alone. You observe its signs, rather than trying to manipulate it into well-being.


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Green Gorilla
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"Green Gorilla is an amazing book because it is simple yet comprehensive at the same time. Being the author of several raw food books myself, I found that I couldn't put this book down. Avatar Adi Da Samraj powerfully conveys the numerous benefits of the raw food diet. I am especially impressed with the way he ties overeating with ego-bound addiction to pleasure. I recommend that everyone read this book."
— Victoria Boutenko
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6" x 9" Paperback: 184 pages

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