The Realizer's
Mere Existence
Serves the World

from a Talk given by
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
on July 29, 1980

DEVOTEE: Beloved Master, does Divine Self-Realization always involve entering into an active Teaching-relationship with people in order to transform them?

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: No, Realization (of any degree) does not necessarily involve active service in that sense. But compassionate service is inherent in Realization Itself.

The Realizer's mere existence serves the world, because he or she is effective in the subtler dimensions of existence.

Therefore, the mere existence of a Realizer has an effect on world events, on people's states of mind, on all kinds of things, although that effect may not be sufficient to bring about complete Enlightenment in the world — obviously that has never happened, even though there have been many Realizers of various degrees.

The Realizer's service is based on his or her mere existence. The Realizer is not obliged to negative, dissociative states of being, clearly, but whether or not he or she actively serves through participation with others is another matter.

Such active service depends on the qualities of the individual Realizer and the circumstance that arises around that one.

My Work as Divine Avatar does not necessarily require an intent to change the world, any more than the "radical" nature of the practice of the Way of Adidam involves an intent to change the body-mind.

But the inherent relationship to the world or the body-mind that is Divine Self-Realization is inherently transformative.

It releases forms of attention or contraction. It is, therefore, a siddhi (or power), the Great Siddhi.

The presence of a God-Realized individual is inherently liberating.

Realization liberates that one first of all, and then the Realization itself becomes a liberating effect on others.

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Love and Blessings:
The Divine Compassionate Miracles
of Avatar Adi Da Samraj — Volume One


Instant Everybody

The Compassionate and Liberating Work of
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Introduction - Part 3
by Bill Gottlieb

On September 10, 2004 — the thirty-fourth anniversary of His Re-Awakening to His Divine Self-Nature in 1970* — Avatar Adi Da Samraj spoke to His devotees at Adidam Samrajashram and worldwide (via the internet), and responded to their questions.

After hours of discourse, He began to speak about His mysterious Blessing-Work with all beings, explaining how it was made possible by His Divine Self-Realization — by His Re-Awakening as Conscious Light, the fundamental Identity of existence.

What I Do all day requires an extraordinary sensitivity to countless beings, which I suffer without limitation. I could not Do the Work I Do if I were not suffering It. My Blessing-Regard is moved by this suffering, by this complete absence of illusions.

To be most profoundly Awake intensifies the awareness of the suffering nature of the world to a virtually unbearable degree — if there were not the Awakening that accompanies It.

You could not even look at what I see. You could not bear it. It is an exquisite suffering, an unlimited suffering that spreads Me all over the earth. Therefore, you cannot want This, but you can grow into It and Realize It. And Realization is not what you think — it is What you Are.

The instant My early Work was done — the instant, in 1970, that I Re-Awoke to My Divine Self-Nature — I was "Meditating" all.** Not even a day off! Not one. Instant everybody. And now My experience has been "everybody" for thirty-four years.

Of course, this is My Work. It will not be the same for others who are Divinely Self-Realized by My Grace in the Way of Adidam, for they do not have My Avataric Work.

But it will be the same in that there is this sensitization, this transformation from desire to compassion, this unqualified sense of the suffering nature of all beings.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
September 10, 2004

If you talked to several devotees of Avatar Adi Da about why they became and are His devotees, they might mention one or more of Avatar Adi Da's many attractive qualities. His spontaneity and freedom. The breadth and brilliance of His Teaching. His persistence in working to Divinely Awaken His devotees. His perfect integrity.

But a quality that every devotee would no doubt mention is Avatar Adi Da's Love — His obvious Compassion for and Heart-embrace of any and every person He encounters.

His Love is obvious — in His eyes and His gestures, in His words and His silence, in His Life and His Work. He is the Incarnation of Love. And He Incarnated because of love.

Avatar Adi Da says the impulse that initiated His Avataric Incarnation — and specifically, the moment in His Life, at the age of two, when He first fully identified with His human body-mind — was sympathy and love. It was triggered in relationship to a puppy His parents had given Him:

As a Conscious "creation", or by-Me-Embraced condition, "Franklin Jones" began one day while I was crawling across the linoleum floor in a house my parents had rented from an old woman named Mrs. Farr.

There was a little puppy, which my parents had gotten for me, running across the floor towards me. I saw the puppy, and I saw my parents.

The "creation" of "Franklin Jones" began from that moment. All of the rest of the events that occurred during the two or more years before that moment were not the years of "Franklin Jones". He had no existence before that time, which was the Conscious (or Intentional) beginning.

The reason for this gesture was a spontaneous motivation associated with a painful loving of the people around me. It was not merely compassion for them, as if they were poor people I could help. It was a painful emotional and physical sensation in my heart and in my solar plexus. It was profoundly painful even then, and it always has been.

It was associated with the full knowledge that these people to whom I was committing myself were going to die, and that I would die. I knew that if I Incarnated in this life-form and circumstance, if I became this body and its lifetime, I would also die its death.

And I knew that, as this bodily incarnate being, I was, in due course, going to be separated from every one and every thing I loved in its lifetime.

This was all fully obvious to me — and, yet, this spontaneous gesture, this painful loving, this profound sensation, awakened in me and moved me into the body, animated me physically.

Thus, it was, altogether and simply, a sympathetic response that brought me into the sphere of human conditions, and of gross conditions altogether.

That response was identification with mortal existence, but it took place by means of Delight. In that Exaltation, the wound of mortality was forgotten.

Thus, it was not the noticing of mortality, in and of itself, that generated my Movement into this plane. Rather, it was the Love-Response, the attracted Response, in which all of the negative aspects of gross conditional existence were effectively forgotten — in Love, in Delight, in Love-Bliss.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The Knee Of Listening

Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Sympathy is, in a sense, twofold. It is Divinely Compassionate: His constant Intention and Work is to help alleviate the suffering of countless beings.

And it is Divinely Liberating: His constant Intention and Work is not only to reduce the possibility and consequences of suffering, but to Awaken all beings beyond suffering into the unlimited Happiness of Real God — the perfect peace and searchless satisfaction of Conscious Light.

But, even though Avatar Adi Da is Conscious Light Itself, Avatarically Incarnate, neither His Compassionate nor His Liberating Intention is automatically fulfilled.



* The story of Avatar Adi Da’s Life is fully recounted in His Spiritual Autobiography, The Knee Of Listening (Middletown, Calif.: The Dawn Horse Press, 2004).

** For a description of Avatar Adi Da’s "Meditation of all", please see chapter 16 of The Knee Of Listening.

from The Dawn Horse Press —
Love Blessings Cvr
Love and Blessings
The Divine Compassionate Miracles of
Avatar Adi Da Samraj - Volume One

A book of stories from devotees of Avatar Adi Da
who asked for His Blessing-Regard, and the
remarkable process that ensued.

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