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Avatar Adi Da Samraj
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Love and Blessings:
The Divine Compassionate Miracles
of Avatar Adi Da Samraj — Volume One


Instant Everybody

The Miracle of the Heart
Introduction - Part 2
by Bill Gottlieb

The Force of Real God pours out of My Body all the time. It never stops. I am full of all space-time. All Love-Bliss and all the marvels of Divine Being are in My Being. All miracles are potent in My Heart.

— Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The stories in Love and Blessings are "Leelas", a word from the ancient, sacred language of Sanskrit, meaning stories about the Incarnate Divine Person and His enchanting Divine "Play" with His devotees and all beings.

The statement that Avatar Adi Da is the Incarnate Divine Person is made by His devotees on the basis of their heart-recognition of Him.

This recognition is not a static belief or rote dogma. It is both a heart-felt certainty and a process, a responsive devotional practice of attentive turning to the Divine Heart-Master and grateful conformity to His Heart-Word of Instruction.

It is a direct and wordless recognition that Adi Da Samraj — the One to Whom they devote themselves — is not some kind of "Creator" or Divine "Parent" or "Representative" of God. Adi Da Samraj is the human Incarnation (or Avatar) of the Divine Reality That is Always Already the Case — the Conscious Light that is the "Source" and "Substance" of all apparent arising forms, the only Real God.

It is that One who mysteriously and paradoxically and Compassionately Blesses beings in and as Avatar Adi Da Samraj. And the key to understanding the Leelas of the Divine Compassionate Miracles of Adi Da Samraj is to understand and feel Who the Divine truly is, and what He has Avatarically Incarnated to do.

I am not Calling you to believe that I Am the "Creator-God"!

I am Calling you to recognize and understand My Avataric Divine Revelation of Myself As the Revelation of What God Really Is — Guru, the Divine Liberator, the One and Only and Non-Separate Reality.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Aham Da Asmi

Avatar Adi Da's Divine Leela is told, in happy gratitude, by His devotees. They want you to have the opportunity to experience what they experience: the Miracle of Living Truth, Blessing their lives. They want you to know about and consider the way of life that Avatar Adi Da offers: The Way of the Heart, or the Way of Adidam.

It is not a life of seeking for experience or for "God", but of present-time communion with the Divine Conscious Light in Person. It is the moment-to-moment, devotional relationship with the Radiant, Free, Love-Blissful, Divine Guru, Adi Da Samraj.

The Divine Compassionate Miracles of Adi Da Samraj are, however, not only about achieving positive human change. Avatar Adi Da teaches that the fundamental cause of suffering is seeking for a change of state — for more pleasure or less pain, for power or progress, for mystical experience, for any earthly or heavenly goal.

This is because seeking reinforces the seeker, the "I" who experiences whatever is positive or negative, the "I" who is inherently limited, mortal, and suffering.

The Way of Adidam is about transcending the seeker, and Awakening, by Grace, as Reality, as Conscious Light in which the seeker appears and disappears. Avatar Adi Da calls for the understanding and transcending of every motivation — including the motivation to see or experience a miracle!

In a passionate, serious, and humorous conversation with a group of His devotees in His early years of Teaching, Avatar Adi Da explored the conventional idea of miracles — why human beings feel they need to see a miracle in order to be convinced of and respond to the Greater Reality, and why miracles, in and of themselves, are never sufficient to cause a human being to devotionally surrender his or her life to the Divine:

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: You haven't received enough Revelation yet? Do you need to see a really big, miraculous vision or something? What is it you need? What would be really impressive?

Perhaps I should be present just in a body of light that looks substantial but which you can put your hand right through, so that no matter where I go, everybody will always be saying, "Hey, look, my hand goes right through it!" People swatting at My Body no matter where I go, just to test it out and go, "Wow!"

What do you need? What miracle would you like to see performed? It would have to satisfy you, you see. It would have to prove something to you. What do you need?

If I were standing here in My twenty-five-foot flaming fire-body, you would be falling on your knees, you know what I mean? You wouldn't have any problem about surrendering. You would surrender yourself completely if you were confronting such a vision directly.

What do you have to see? What will you worship? What is the Revelation that makes you surrender spontaneously? You can imagine some manifestation or other of a Spiritual nature that would oblige you to surrender spontaneously.

Other phenomena of experience allow you still to maintain some quality of ego-possession, a lack of surrender. So, what do you have to see in order to surrender?

Is surrender the result of something that makes you comfortable? Can anything create surrender, or does everything delay it — everything, including wonders and miracles?

Each of these is just another distraction, an experience in itself. You might work yourself up to a little release in the face of it, but that confrontation cannot create the release.

What you need is a big miracle — if only so that you will realize that miracles are not sufficient, and that you are going to have to surrender in the face of things just as they are.

That kind of surrender cannot be caused, but perhaps you need to see the big miracle to find that out.

You think true surrender is caused by some dramatic confrontation — a "miracle". You hold on to this popular idea of salvation — that you would be a perfect saint if only you had the perfect vision.


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Love Blessings Cvr
Love and Blessings
The Divine Compassionate Miracles of
Avatar Adi Da Samraj - Volume One

A book of stories from devotees of Avatar Adi Da
who asked for His Blessing-Regard, and the
remarkable process that ensued.

Paperback — 248 pages