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The First Three Stages of Life


— Serving the Right, True, and Free Development of
Children and Young People and Completing the Human Work
of Individuation, Socialization, and Integration of Adults

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Every child must be free and ecstatic at the simple native level of his or her own existence.

Children must be awakened to feel that they are associated with an Infinite Power (or Mystery) That Sustains them, That Gave them birth, That Is their Destiny, and That Is the Power That Moves their entire future if they will associate with It rightly.

— His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The First Three Stages of Life

The Divine Mystery of existence is something both adults and children are capable of feeling. As Adi Da explains, "Children can, and should, enjoy a feeling, breathing relationship with That Divine Mystery." The relationship to the Mystery of existence is the key to all of Adi Da's "conscious childrearing" Instructions given in this unique book.

[Adi Da] uses this term ["conscious childrearing"] to emphasize that, in order to optimally foster the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of children, we must first establish in them a real and usable awareness of the Divine Mystery of their existence. And in order to serve that sensitivity in children, we must participate consciously in that Divine Reality ourselves. As a result, Avatar Adi Da's Instructions on conscious childrearing include Guidance for adults who would serve children, as well as Guidance that is directly usable by children themselves.

Participating in the Divine Mystery

In The First Three Stages of Life, Adi Da gives specific ways for children to practice participating in the Divine Mystery of existence.

When you remember to feel the Mystery real strong, then you can also remember to breathe the Mystery. The Mystery is good feeling, full of light and happiness and love — isn't It? So, when you breathe the Mystery, remember always to breathe in all the good feeling and breathe out all the bad feeling.

— His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The First Three Stages of Life
(From What, Where, When, How, Why, and
Who to Remember To Be Happy)

For those who recognize and feel Adi Da's Divine State, the means for participating directly in the Divine Mystery is the devotional relationship to Him. Therefore, this book includes Instruction on cultivating the relationship with Adi Da Samraj, in the devotional manner.

While such Instruction is given for those who are formal devotees of Adi Da, it is also useful instruction for anyone moved to learn about raising children in the ego-transcending Way of life He offers to all.

Practical Instruction

In His years of Teaching, Avatar Adi Da worked with His young devotees (and their parents and teachers), in every area of life. He thus Guided their growth into what He calls "full human maturity".

Richard Silk, an educator in Adidam schools during Adi Da's Teaching-Years, describes:

Avatar Adi Da has four daughters, and they all attended the school at which I was the principal and a teacher, so I got to see firsthand not only what a loving father He was, but just how broad and inclusive His definition of "full human maturity" is — and what He therefore expected of us as educators.

Avatar Adi Da's definition of learning includes the whole being. He Worked diligently to see that the children's lives were founded in the ego-transcending practice, first and foremost, but also that their learning addressed the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of the human character.

He made sure we balanced their contemplative activities with athletics, for example, and that academic learning went hand-in-hand with the arts; that there was both personal quiet time and community service and celebration.

The First Three Stages of Life communicates this reservoir of Wisdom on the foundation process of human development. This foundation process belongs to the first three of the seven stages of life described by Adi Da. It is the process of "individuation, socialization, and integration" of the human personality. ( for an example of some practical instruction included in this book.)

Not Just for Children

This book is not just for children, parents, and teachers. All can make use of Adi Da's Wisdom offered in this book. Adults who wish to discover how to complete their physical, emotional, and mental development will find much practical Help here.

And this book includes essential Instruction for all those who are not yet consciously aware of their direct relationship to the Divine Mystery that is living and breathing them, even now.

There is Help in this book for everyone — for adults who want to keep growing as well as for children, for partners who want to deepen their intimacies as well as for parents who need to bring discipline in a loving way, for people of any age who are struggling with body and food issues, or unfortunate emotional patterns, or lack of clarity, or weakness in self-discipline.

In addition to providing a much-needed handbook for parents raising children, Avatar Adi Da's Wisdom in this book is invaluable for anyone who wants to grow in self-understanding, in effective service to others, and in devotion to Reality Itself.

— Richard Silk, MEd


— from The Dawn Horse Press —

Three Stages Cover The First Three Stages of Life
Serving the Right, True, and Free Development of Children and Young People and Completing the Human Work of Individuation, Socialization, and Integration of Adults

If you are involved with children, you will undoubtedly find directly usable Wisdom in every section of this book.

You may also observe that the passages concentrating on the practical issues of conscious childrearing are addressed to you, the responsible adult. Other passages, interspersed throughout, are addressed directly to children themselves.

Through this book, children (and people of all ages) can learn:
  • A healthy sense of autonomy and physical mastery
  • Sensitivity to the energies of nature, self, and others
  • Discriminative intelligence and a will to go beyond limitations
  • To feel the Great Mystery of existence through meditation and devotional practice
  • Intimacy as the healing principle
  • To go beyond "Oedipal" sufferings, or unconscious emotional patterning in response to their parents and others
  • To live as "I love you" and become sensitive to the dramatization of "you do not love me"
  • Discipline, as an act of love

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Learn to Build the Foundation
of "Full Human Maturity"

Six 90 minute engaging and interactive sessions online
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