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The Eternal Stand


The Disposition of Radiance As The Way of Life
November 28, 1983
Adi Da Samrajashram

(From The Eternal Stand, pp. 147-148)

On November 28, just over a month after His arrival, Avatar Adi Da spoke once again about the importance of establishing the Hermitage circumstance for the practice of all His devotees. [Here Adi Da responds to Ruchiradama Nadikanta, a renunciate devotee in the Ruchira Sannyasin Order.]

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: One of the great purposes of this Hermitage is to provide a human setting of exemplary practitioners, so that all individuals who come here will enjoy the most direct in-life instruction in the ego-transcending practice that I Give to My devotees.

Therefore, the services that exist here should help people to develop the 24-hour-a-day practice. To do that is not merely a matter of accepting some sort of sober discipline. There is an element of that—but, most fundamentally, it is a matter of accepting Happiness and Love (or Love-Bliss) as the Real Condition of existence. The disposition of radiance, “self” giving, surrender, happiness, love—that is the discipline. Not merely as occasional “experiences” in your life, but as the Way of life. Not merely as a disposition you value and hope to “experience” as often as possible—if only the right conditions would descend on you, if only your hormones are set up right, if only you are close to acquiring a million dollars, then you will consent to surrender, to be happy, to be full of love, to be full of attention and energy and service for the Divine and for all your relations, utterly free of the darkness of the ego, not feeling that you must be an ironic, ego possessed, slightly dark and depressed character because you live in the human “world” with all of the obvious threats and limitations involved in that.

The disposition of My devotee is founded on “Locating” the Real Condition of existence—such that you live in That Sphere, rather than merely living in the sphere of the “causes” and “effects” that ordinarily determine human behavior and human moods. There is an Inherent Mood in the Divine, in Reality Itself. That Mood is Full, Radiant. That Mood Is Love. That Mood Is Happiness. That Mood Transmits Itself naturally in all relations.

You must, by My Grace, become a transmitter of That Which you Realize through devotional Communion with Me. That is your obligation. That is the discipline. That makes your devotional relationship to Me into ego-transcending practice, a practice to which you are obliged in every moment. Otherwise, you are merely indulging in My “Atmosphere”, in the possibilities that are suggested by My Instruction, and so on. No, you must literally practice the Way that I have Revealed and Given—and, through that “self”-surrender, having entered into devotional Communion with Me, you must override the ordinary tendencies of life and become a transparent vehicle for the Divine Qualities. Just that. And you must do it intentionally—not merely look for the body mind-complex to let you do

it, or look for the circumstances of life to stimulate you to it.

There will be all kinds of stimulations, internal and external, all the time—and most of those stimulations will not even suggest the Principle of right and true practice in My Company. Nevertheless, you must Stand in the Prior Position, overriding internal and external stimulations, in order to manifest this Divine Principle.

RUCHIRADAMA NADIKANTA: Beloved Master, the only way that this Way can be lived is for the Guru to be Present as the Awakener, and also as the Perfect Demonstration—and the Very Source—of Love and Happiness.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Obviously. The essence of the discipline is to enter into the devotional relationship to Me, to turn to Me with devotion. During My Lifetime, the practice is to devote oneself to the God-Man, to the Divine As Living Bodily Person. But practice of the Way I Reveal and Give is not at all limited by the span of My Lifetime. Having Lived That Lifetime and Established My Teaching and a gathering of devotees and all the Forms of Agency for the right devotional relationship to Me As I Am, then the Way can continue beyond My Lifetime.

There is not a different practice after My Lifetime. Now and always, the practice is the devotional relationship to Me. During My Lifetime, My devotees find Me out and “Know” Who I Am. After My Lifetime, My devotees will continue to relate to Me As That One Who was discovered by My devotees during My Lifetime. The only difference will be that I will no longer be present in a physical human Form.

The only reason that I Am here in physical human Form is to Enable you to Find Me Out—since you have forgotten Me—and to Do all the kinds of Work necessary to Establish the Way, to Establish My Teaching-Revelation, to Establish the culture of devotion of My devotees. When that Work is Done, then I need no longer be Present in physical Form. You only need to turn to Me, to devotionally recognize and respond to Me, to “Know” Me in every present moment. All the Forms of My Divine Agency that I will Establish during My Lifetime will bring about the process in the practice of My devotees in the future, such that I am no longer required to be Present in the Form of This human Vehicle.

This Body, the human Vehicle of My Divine Incarnation, is certainly necessary now, at this time. Yet, even now, most of My devotees come into My physical Company only very occasionally—or, perhaps, in some cases, not at all. Even now, during My Lifetime, those devotees are engaged in the practice of devotional turning to Me without being in My physical Company. There will be many Photographs of My Bodily Form after My Lifetime, and the same Forms of My Divine Agency that are developed during My Lifetime will be available, now and forever hereafter.


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