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The Eternal Stand


An Orientation to The Eternal Stand

The Motive to Create Hermitage

From the very beginning of His Teaching-Work, establishing Hermitage was always Avatar Adi Da’s impulse:

During my human lifetime, I would remain in one place, to do my work, and to prepare that place as a sanctuary and holy place in the world.

—His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Journals, 1972–73
The Eternal Stand, page 16

As is described in the introduction, there is a precedent for Adept-Realizers creating a legacy of empowered places and objects in order to perpetuate their influence after their lifetimes. Avatar Adi Da’s own Work to establish means—or “Agency”—that would effectively Transmit His Blessing even after His human Lifetime was always a matter of utmost importance and deep urgency for Him.

The search for a set-apart holy place for Avatar Adi Da began in the late 1970s. Although two Sanctuaries had been established by that time (the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary in California, and Da Love-Ananda

Mahal in Hawaii), the nature of Avatar Adi Da’s further Work required a completely secluded place where there was no possibility of outside intrusion by the world at large. Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani, the senior renunciate devotee in Adidam and a primary participant in all the events narrated in the book, explains in the introduction: “…it soon became clear that an even more remote circumstance was required in order for Avatar Adi Da to create a Hermitage that could be set apart from all ego-influence, a place prepared to be conformed entirely to Avatar Adi Da’s State and to become a pure Locus of His Blessing in the world.”

Naitauba—“Fundamental Means Whereby I Will Transform The World”

In early 1983, Avatar Adi Da spontaneously initiated a great period of “wandering” in the Fiji Islands in search of His true Hermitage. The Eternal Stand gives a full accounting of this extraordinary period, through photographs and testimony from many of the devotees who traveled

with Him. During this time, Avatar Adi Da instructed devotees on the nature and purpose of true renunciation and the Spiritual Purposes of a true Hermitage.

That is what Hermitage is about—not separating from the “world”, but acknowledging the fact that the great Truth of Love is a Spiritual matter. You must incarnate It, you must place yourself in a special circumstance conducive to Spiritual life if you are to practice the Way of Love.

Entering into Hermitage is about doing just that. It is not about leaving the “world”. It is simply about no longer being “of the world”. Hermitage is not a place where you conform behavior to some notion of the ideal structure of human life. Hermitage is a place to incarnate the Divine. Entering into Hermitage is done with a good will toward all humankind. But it is about the possibility—in this vast Earth-realm, in this vast universe—of practicing that incarnation perfectly, of surrendering to the Divine absolutely, of making life about That altogether.

—His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj
July 26, 1983
Nukubati Island, Fiji
The Eternal Stand, page 17

After many months of wandering with a small group of renunciates in the Fiji Islands, devotees located the island of Naitauba and proceeded, despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles, to secure the island as a gift to their Heart-Master. The Eternal Stand brings to life the incredible

ordeal and ecstasy of this process of acquiring Naitauba and the momentous occasion of Avatar Adi Da’s arrival at the beach on Naitauba on October 23, 1983. This was an exceedingly happy and auspicious moment in the history of His Work.

The Place Where Avatar Adi Da Is Eternally Alive

The Eternal Stand traces Avatar Adi Da’s great Work, from 1983 until the end of His human Lifetime, to transform the Island of Naitauba into a pure Agent of His Divine Blessing-Transmission. He Accomplished this through many means—including remarkable Spiritual events (demonstrated in His own Body), the unceasing outpouring of His Blessing-Transmission, His Spiritual Empowerments of holy sites all over the Island, and by founding His Ruchira Sannyasin Order—the body of His

most mature renunciate practitioners who would manifest His Divine Reality-Way and protect and preserve all His Divine Gifts into the future.

Adi Da Samrajashram is the Seat of Avatar Adi Da’s Blessing-Work, now and forever. He has prepared this unique Transcendentally Spiritually Empowered Place and pattern of existence for the sake of the Liberation of all beings for all time:

Because of the great Work of Avatar Adi Da’s Lifetime, Adi Da Samrajashram now stands as a means of Divine Association. And in Avatar Adi Da’s living Work beyond His bodily Lifetime, it is an immense Gift even to everyone that Adi Da Samrajashram has been established. Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Influence on Earth rests in His Blessing-Transmission that Radiates to the entire world from Adi Da Samrajashram. Avatar Adi Da has an eternal “Location”, where His human Body is forever Seated, where His Blessing is forever Flowing, where He is mysteriously, always tangibly, and even Personally, at Work, with all beings everywhere.

—from the introduction by Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani


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 The Eternal Stand The Eternal Stand
Celebrating the Establishment of Adi Da Samrajashram,
the Hermitage-Island and Word-Blessing-Seat
of His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Pictures that tell a story—The Eternal Stand comes alive with over 500 images!
Maps document the unpredictable and ecstatic journey that Avatar Adi Da and his devotees took through the Fijian Islands in the search for true hermitage.
Testimonials and leelas (sacred stories) by over 40 devotees from around the world including Fiji.
An accounting of Avatar Adi Da's completing work in the final years of his physical Lifetime, including nine pages of stunning reproductions of his image-art.
In the back you will find the Reference Resource section that includes guides to holy sites, the sacred culture of Adidam, and Fijian pronunciation, as well as a glossary, a graphic timeline, and more!

Softcover, 416 pages
Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 x 1 inches
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