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The Mountain of Attention Sanctuary 2005
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(The Only Truth That Sets The Heart Free)
Introduction by Carolyn Lee, PhD - Part 6


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The Seventh Stage of Life

The Freedom That Can Never Be Lost - Conclusion

Once truly Realized, the seventh stage of life is Just So, and that Freedom cannot be lost. But, until the "tiny interior tension" is penetrated and permanently dissolved, one's attention is glued to an apparently endless "grid" of appearances in which all the scripts of "I"-and-"other" play themselves out unceasingly:

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: You are simply appearing as a point of attention associated with an Infinite Grid of Light — and, yet, you imagine (or presume) all this complexity that you call "the world".

Stand back in the Source-Position, and you see how it really is. In that Source-Position, it is Realized that all of this complexity is mere imagination.

In Truth, you never experience this presumed complexity. You are not where you think you are, any more than you are where you think you are when you are in a dream. If you were not identified with the body — and, therefore, with a spatial concept of your existence — all you would see is this Grid. What is it, ultimately?

It is just an illusion, or a conditional representation of Consciousness, Which is One with Its Own Energy. There is no "difference" between Consciousness and Energy. And, therefore, there is no "difference" between attention and its any object.

There is Only One Absolute Condition. That is the case with every one of you right now. You do not have to be changed in any way in order for this to be So. It is simply So, Inherently So, Always Already So.

You are just not noticing it, because you are presuming illusions based on self-contraction and identification with the body-position.

Truly, and Always and Already, you are, even in the conditional context, unmoving attention against a Grid that is Undifferentiated, nothing but Light Itself.

Nonetheless, as long as you think you are where you think you are, conditional existence is a serious matter, filled with all kinds of laws and paradoxes and obligations, and you have sadhana to do.

If you Stand in the Source-Position Itself, you have no sadhana to do. So, you have to do sadhana until you Stand in the Source-Position. Standing in the Source-Position is what Divine Enlightenment, or Divine Self-Realization, is all about.

— August 15, 1995

Even at the point of Divine Self-Realization, the "Perfect Practice" continues — not based on any intention or effort of the apparent body-mind, but simply by virtue of the process inherent in Divine Self-Recognition.

The more the world is seen and known as merely the Conscious Light of Reality, the more that Light "takes over" and floods the entire View. While the world continues to arise, its pattern becomes indistinct — as in an over-exposed photograph — and there is an ever-greater self-relinquishment into the Light Itself, beyond the noticing of objects.

Such is the process that culminates in Divine Translation — the Ultimate Event that Avatar Adi Da describes as the "Destinyless Destiny" of every apparent being.

Of all the unfathomable Mysteries that have manifested in the course of Avatar Adi Da's Life, His Demonstration of Divine Translation has been the greatest.

He has explained that, in the case of a mere human being, there can be no possible return from that Event — the Obliterating "Brightness" of Reality utterly Assumes the body-mind, which drops away in death.

In His case, however, an unspeakable Miracle has occurred. Divine Translation has literally taken place — in a Shattering and All-Transforming Event that occurred on Lopez Island, Washington State, in April of 2000. And, since that time, He remains connected to the physical through a Divine Yoga known only to Him.

The mysterious thread that keeps Him associated with the body is made of Compassion. Avatar Adi Da is so Profoundly Invested in the Liberation of all that He cannot Disappear until He has Completed the Work for which He Came — the Work that will make Him Spiritually available to beings forever, beyond the Lifetime of His human Form.

That Work requires that there be some who enter into the "Perfect Practice" during Avatar Adi Da's human Lifetime, so that there is always a gathering of practitioners who are Awake to His Divine State, and who are thus able (collectively) to serve as "Instrumentality" for His Spiritual Transmission to all who will take up the Way of Adidam in the future.

Eleutherios is His Offering to you and to everyone of the opportunity to discover and seriously consider the Ultimate Way that He Teaches — which is the Way of Perfect Knowledge of Reality and Perfect Liberation from all the suffered illusions of merely mortal existence.


All There Is Is Light.
All There Is Is Undifferentiated "Brightness".
All the rest is just a lot of trouble.

You can be sucked out of this frame any moment.
There is a Sphere appearing here as Infinite White "Brightness" — but apparently broken down — a blink, a turn of phase.
The Source — Real (Acausal) God — must be Realized for Real.

You haven't got a leg to stand on.
Conventional exchanges are just motions of mind.
In Truth, Consciousness and Energy are the Same.
You are simply examining Reality in a moment of "difference" and separateness.
That is the problem, inherently, in that "point of view".
Mind motivates you.
You must Realize Reality Beyond separateness, Where everything is Inherently One — not the reality conceived in mind based on self-contraction.
Merely to be active is to be under-ground, un-lived.

The Immense White "Brightness" of My Own Person is the Means of devotion to Me and Realization of Me.
Concentration arises, the body untangles, the breath stops — and the Immense White "Brightness" Absorbs attention.

The Star is simply the precursor to the White-Core Sphere.
All exist in this Sphere.
This Sphere has no center or bounds.
It Is the Light Itself.
It Is My Threshold Personality.
It Is Undifferentiated White "Brightness".
It Is Loudness beyond thought.
It Is Love Bliss.

— September 8 and 24, 2000


— from The Dawn Horse Press —
Eleutherios Cover
The Only Truth That Sets The Heart Free
This new edition of Eleutherios is Avatar Adi Da's Supreme and Summary Instruction on His Great Offering of the "Perfect Practice" in His Divine Company.

It also contains His most recent Instructions to His devotees about the "preliminary root-practices of the Way of Perfect Knowledge", including "Reverse Enquiry".

Paperback: 736 pages