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(The Only Truth That Sets The Heart Free)
Introduction by Carolyn Lee, PhD - Part 5


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Divine Self-Recognition

The Perfect Coincidence of "There" and "Here"

The root-dimension of egoity — and the last "level" of egoity to be understood and transcended in the Way of Adidam — is the "tiny interior tension" felt in the right side of the heart.

Such was the Revelation given to many of Avatar Adi Da's devotees in 1986. This tension is the root-sense of "I"-and-"other", the apparent relationship between attention (or root-awareness) and its any object.

When this primitive "feeling of relatedness" (in Avatar Adi Da's Words) is utterly dissolved in the course of the "Perfect Practice", the apparent "difference" between subjective awareness (or Consciousness) and objective phenomena (or Energy) disappears.

Then, Reality Itself Stands Clear As It Is: Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Consciousness (Itself), or Conscious Light.

In the Awakening to Divine Enlightenment (or the seventh stage of life), the two great dimensions of existence — Consciousness and Energy — are Revealed as One, not two. Instantly, a veil is lifted, and the Real Nature of everything is obvious.

In Avatar Adi Da's Words, the world is "Divinely Self-Recognized", or tacitly comprehended, as a modification of the Conscious Light of Reality, and not "different" from It. The perfect Coincidence of "There" and "here" has been Revealed.

Everything conditional — everything material, everything subtle or psychic, even attention itself — is Realized to Be Conscious Light. And the great cosmic display of objects and events is as insubstantial as the patterns that play on the surface of water.

This is a staggering Realization — the dissolution, in a stroke, of every shred of dilemma, every ounce of seeking. All the goals of human existence, high and low, are now empty of any power to motivate the being — because the "theatre" of life has dissolved in its Source. None of it actually exists!

But this does not mean that the world does not continue to arise or that human life does not continue. Avatar Adi Da has described how, following His own Re-Awakening to this Realization (which was inherent in His Being from Birth), He simply went home — and made no mention of what had just Occurred for some time.

In the following weeks and months, He observed no impulse to turn within to find some "deeper" state. Meditation was no longer necessary, because That Which meditation seeks to attain was Established without qualification. Nothing could change or diminish the Truth of His Realization — not in the slightest.


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The Only Truth That Sets The Heart Free
This new edition of Eleutherios is Avatar Adi Da's Supreme and Summary Instruction on His Great Offering of the "Perfect Practice" in His Divine Company.

It also contains His most recent Instructions to His devotees about the "preliminary root-practices of the Way of Perfect Knowledge", including "Reverse Enquiry".

Paperback: 736 pages