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The Mountain of Attention Sanctuary 2005
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(The Only Truth That Sets The Heart Free)
Introduction by Carolyn Lee, PhD - Part 2


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The Dual Sensitivity

What is required to become prepared to enter into the "Perfect Practice" of the Way of Adidam?

At the foundation level, a "dual sensitivity" must awaken. As Avatar Adi Da describes here:

I do not Speak exclusively, representing only one or the other of your "halves" (whether "Eastern" or "Western"). Rather, I Speak to your native (or inherent) "dual sensitivity" — your sensitivity to what is conditionally real and your sensitivity to What Is Non-conditionally Real.

— The Only Complete Way To Realize
The Unbroken Light Of Real God

There have always been people who have felt this dual sensitivity intensely, people who Realized that Happiness does not dwell in conditions — in anything that changes and passes — but only in the changeless Divine Condition. Such individuals are humankind's Yogis, Saints, and Sages.

But this same dual sensitivity exists in each one of us. And the Grace of Avatar Adi Da not only enlivens this sensitivity — His Grace also allows the impulse to Divine Freedom to be fulfilled absolutely.

The fuel of that impulse is profound and unrelenting devotion — the giving over of body, emotion, mind, and breath to Avatar Adi Da Samraj, moment by moment, day after day, year by year. No ascetical discipline, no effort to control the mind can possibly activate the process described in Eleutherios — for it is not a philosophical matter.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Why should you dally with what is less than Real God? Why should you embrace anything in the expectation that it will Liberate you or bring you to True Happiness if whatever you embrace is not about That?

Nothing that is less than Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization is That True Happiness.

As My devotee, you are here to Realize Me — to Realize the Very Divine Person, to Realize My "Bright" Divine Self-Domain, rather than remaining bound to the cosmic domain.

— April 16, 1995

Wanting to Have a "World"

We continue to settle for what is "less than Real God", or less than Reality Itself, because we fail to understand and go beyond our limited perception of existence.

Every one of us, Avatar Adi Da Samraj explains, harbors a fundamental presumption that he or she is an "organism", a functioning psycho-physical entity that begins at birth and ends at death. But that "organism" — the body-mind with which we identify ourselves — is in a very precarious situation, subject to pain and eventual obliteration.

In the face of this harsh reality, we are always trying to distract ourselves — and are, in fact, deluding ourselves. We presume that we can be fulfilled as mere "organisms", that we can become truly happy while identifying with what dies. Relationships, events, ideas, emotions, and the potential experiences of the senses become the focus of our lives.

A few seek happiness in the more subtle (or psychic) realms of reality — through the higher mind (or psyche).

But whatever type of experience we may prefer, it is true to say that each of us is addicted to the having of experiences.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj has pointed this out to His devotees on innumerable occasions:

By tendency, in your beginner's disposition, you always want to aggravate the body-mind and keep it in motion. You are always seeking via the body-mind for some sort of fulfillment or distraction.

Here I Am, Talking to you about the "Perfect Practice" of the Way of Adidam and Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization, and you are only thinking, talking, and busying. That is how you live altogether. The "Perfect Practice", on the other hand, is free of agitation.

You are an "FOP" — a "fan of perfection". You like the idea of the ultimate practice, the "Perfect Practice". You have some sort of mental interest in it.

Yet, the "Perfect Practice" Itself has nothing to do with mind and nothing to do with all the agitations and preoccupations you tend to be involved with. You must go through the process of being purified of all of that before you can do the "Perfect Practice".

— April 14, 1995

The "Perfect Practice" of the Way of Adidam goes beyond the "organism point of view" altogether, or the stages of psycho-physical growth that have to do with the impulse to be fulfilled in terms of the body, the mind, and the psyche.

That impulse represents the "point of view" that Avatar Adi Da Samraj calls "cosmic". According to this "point of view", the domain of conditional existence (or the cosmic domain) is the entirety of what exists.

The cosmic domain includes everything that can be experienced by the mechanism of the body-mind — anything from a sandwich to the most extraordinary mystical raptures. Thus, from the cosmic "point of view", one is identified with the experiencing mechanism of the body-mind.

The "Perfect Practice" of the Way of Adidam cannot begin until there is Awakening beyond the impulse to identify with the body-mind and its "point of view". The "Perfect Practice" takes place in the Domain of Consciousness Itself, Which is the Acausal Source-Condition of the body-mind and all its experiences.

In essence, the "Perfect Practice" is about entering profoundly into the Native Self-Condition, or True Happiness, and Realizing that Condition most intimately, at heart, as Perfect Identification with Avatar Adi Da. This is the greatest, most auspicious and Liberating process there is.

But, in fact, as long as we cling to our self-contracted disposition — as long as we insist on being an "organism", an addict of experience — the "Perfect Practice" is out of the question. We cannot even relate to the Realization of Divine Consciousness as something desirable.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Consciousness Itself has nothing whatsoever to do with the body-mind. It is totally independent of the body-mind! This is what you do not like about It. The fact is not that you are un-Enlightened — you refuse Consciousness.

— April 11, 1995

Understanding that we are actively refusing Consciousness is the first great step in preparing for the "Perfect Practice".

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The Only Truth That Sets The Heart Free
This new edition of Eleutherios is Avatar Adi Da's Supreme and Summary Instruction on His Great Offering of the "Perfect Practice" in His Divine Company.

It also contains His most recent Instructions to His devotees about the "preliminary root-practices of the Way of Perfect Knowledge", including "Reverse Enquiry".

Paperback: 736 pages