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Easy Death

Spiritual Wisdom On The Ultimate Transcending
of Death and Everything Else


Easy Death

It does not matter what sex, race, or religion we are. It does not matter how much money we have. It does not matter what we have accomplished in our lives. It does not matter if we are religious or not, if we have done good deeds or not. Death is inherent in our existence—and it is an immensely significant event in the life of every being.

Avatar Adi Da points out that our inevitable confrontation with death is itself a calling to thoroughly investigate death, while we are alive. Just as one studies and prepares for any other significant event in one’s life, so must we consider and prepare for death.

Easy Death is the collection of Avatar Adi Da’s instruction and guidance, offered to all, for just this process of study and preparation. It is, essentially, an “instruction manual” for the death process—with clear and practical guidance on how to embrace the death event as a positive transformation in one’s existence.

Avatar Adi Da’s instructions take into account not only the physical structures of our existence, but all levels of our existence—including all the subtler energy-structures associated with physical existence, and, most importantly, the unchanging Divine Reality within which we are arising and passing away. Because Avatar Adi Da exists in and as that Divine Reality, He is uniquely “equipped” to Communicate about the specific mechanisms of the death process, and how to engage it as a benign and even ecstatic event.


Fear of death is anxiety (or emotional recoil) experienced in anticipation of the event. Such fearful anticipation is basically the result of a failure to observe the death process in others and to study that process through systematic education and self-observation.

Death is a necessary, purposeful, and (ultimately) benign psycho‑physical process. It is similar to the process of giving birth, except that it occurs to both males and females. As in the case of preparing for childbirth, you must study the death process bodily and through observing others. Above all, tension and fear must be relaxed during the death process (as it must be in the case of a woman in childbirth). You must relax and release, as when going to sleep--in a feeling of deep trust, love, and surrender to the Divine Reality on Which the process depends.

What is on the “other side” of the death process may or may not be revealed to you beforehand, but it will certainly be revealed to you when it actually happens! Therefore, your only responsibility is to study, prepare for, and rightly engage the death process itself—much as a woman approaching childbirth studies, prepares for, and rightly engages the birth process.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

from “The Truth About Death”, p. 15 in Easy Death



Some of the specific topics that Avatar Adi Da covers in Easy Death include

* What occurs with the subtler energies of the body in the process of death and the process that continues after death

* How to serve your loved one’s process of release and transition, both before and during the death process

* Why it is important to leave the body undisturbed for the first few hours after the person has died

* What specific meditation practice to engage as one enters into the event of physical death

* Specific instruction on how to cooperate with the Divine Reality, in life and in the death event

* How to prepare oneself for death by living a life of ego-transcending practice



It is a refreshment at every page to read Easy Death. This may seem paradoxical, in view of the fearful uncertainty with which most Westerners look forward to dying. But Adi Da Samraj’s words about the relation of death to life, love, surrender, and transformation have a clarity of mind and emotion that feels like a fresh breeze.

—Elmer Green, Ph.D.

Director Emeritus, Center for Applied Psychophysiology,

The Menninger Clinic



Easy Death is Avatar Adi Da’s Gift to all who are moved to fully embrace the consideration about death. It is His practical and profound guidance for the transformation of this reality of our existence—from something to be feared, into a benign and even ecstatic process with which we cooperate. And His ultimate Offering (also described in Easy Death) is Divine Translation—the absolute transformation of the being, from the illusion of separate existence into ecstatic Oneness with the Eternal “Brightness” that is the True Condition of all beings and things.


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I truly wish, as a retired hospice nurse, that I had participated in this webinar years ago while I was still working. Wonderful information.

—Ginger Minnick

Havertown, PA



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Easy Death Cover
Easy Death
Spiritual Wisdom on the Ultimate Transcending
of Death and Everything Else

"An exciting, stimulating, and thought-provoking book that adds immensely to the ever-increasing literature on the phenomena of life and death. Thank you for this masterpiece."
— Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M.D.
author, On Death and Dying

Paperback: 544 pages