Avatar Adi Da and His Sister, 1949

Avatar Adi Da
and His Sister, 1949

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Avatar Adi Da and a Sacred Tree

Avatar Adi Da
and a Sacred Tree

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Book Excerpts

The Danavira Mela Book

by Naamleela Free Jones


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"The Best Season of the Whole Year"

This Commentary was Given by
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
on December 25, 1982

I love this season of celebration. In human terms, it is really the best season of the whole year. Rightly engaged, this season should be the most splendid, loving time of every year.

Every year, I am concentrated in this celebration. I have been since My childhood. When I was a child, the holidays were a major event. I always received many gifts, but the occasion was not interesting to Me because I received gifts.

It was interesting to Me because of the spirit of giving gifts — the beauty of it, the joy, the happiness of it, the whole spirit, the whole orientation of this time of year when people give gifts to one another and happily receive gifts.

The giving is the meaning of this season, you see. I love the disposition expressed through giving. Every year, when you participate in this ceremony of gift-giving, it should be a ceremonial expression, enacted during this season, of how you live all the time.

On special occasions during this season, you celebrate ceremonially the fundamental act with which you are involved all the time.

Gift-giving is delightful, but your giving of gifts should be a celebration of how you live every day, a confirmation of your life with Me, and with everyone you know and meet, even with all humankind.

This basic expression should continue through the New Year, and it should confirm your disposition all year.

This is the secret of the ego-transcending process. I am always Giving the great Gift of My Divine Love and Blessing. When My devotees love Me and practice the Way that I have Given them, that is their gift.

When My devotees love Me and practice, and when I Love them and Bless them, there is this exchange with one another.

Then, every year during this season, I express ceremoniously what I have done with My devotees, and what they have done with Me, all year long. This is the secret of My participation in this celebration.

Know that I Bless you through and beyond time and space. Live a life of celebration. True life, ego-transcending life, is a celebration, a joyous occasion of meeting with others in the universal circumstance of prior unity and in the joy of Communion with the Indivisible Divine Reality.

That is why I look forward to this season every year. It is the greatest season of the year. It is a marvelous season. I hope it is a happy time for you and for all your friends.

— Avatar Adi Da Samraj
December 25, 1982



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             Celebrating the
Season of "Light-in-Everybody"

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