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The Avatar of What Is

The Divine Life and Work of Adi Da

by Carolyn Lee, PhD


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Let The Intelligent Heart Respond

From the final page of the
book, by Carolyn Lee, PhD

The night has been a long one. But the day is endless — not as some kind of eternal time following the night, but as the "Perfect Knowledge" of What Is, of Reality Itself, always coincident with, and yet always transcending, whatever days and nights may come and go.

This is the Realization tacitly awakened, and always more and more profoundly established, in the heart-relationship to Adi Da.

It is the Gift of Truth, and Truth carries a great requirement — the requirement to confess it, and the requirement to be faithful to it. To be so obliged, based on the heart-knowing of Adi Da, is an incomparable wonder and unending joy.

He has given His solemn word to humankind of what He is here to do, but He is just an egoless presence, without mind, hardly even conjoined any longer with the body and the world.

His Blessing-Work is His alone, but He must have human means, devotees who will dedicate their lives to enabling His Divine purposes to be fulfilled.

He is here in the body, for whatever time remains, to plant His work forever in the human realm, and He is openly and urgently waiting for His devotees.

That is the paradox and fragility of His Incarnation. His work can only be fertilized by human response, by unlimited participation in His limitless offerings.

And so, consider well what you have read here, and let the intelligent heart respond.

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Avatar Cover The Avatar of What Is
by Carolyn Lee PhD

The extraordinary story of Avatar Adi Da's Divine Intervention in the world — from the foretelling of His birth, through the more than thirty-five years of His unique Avataric Teaching-Work, to His compassionate Blessing-Work.

5.5" x 8.5" paperback
152 pages


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